First Time Ever: Big Brother's Theft Tops $1 Trillion...


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Oct 7, 2011
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But it's still not nearly enough to fund his out of control Welfare/Warfare State. Just a drop in a bucket. He's gonna need to do a whole lot more stealing from the People. Sadly the reality is, there will never be enough money for Big Brother. He'll always be searching for new ways to get his hand in your pocket. That's just the very sad truth.

Federal Tax Revenues Top $1 Trillion Thru January; Gov't Still Runs $194B Deficit

For the first time ever, real federal tax revenues topped $1 trillion in the first four months of the fiscal year--October through January--according to data released Wednesday by the U.S Treasury.

Federal tax revenues hit a record $1,046,224,000,000 for fiscal year 2015 through January, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement, but the federal government still ran a $194,209,000,000 deficit during that time.

Each month, the Treasury publishes the government’s “total receipts,” including all revenue from individual income taxes, corporate income taxes, social insurance and retirement taxes (including Social Security and Medicare taxes), unemployment insurance taxes, excise taxes, estate and gift taxes, customs duties, and “miscellaneous receipts.”

In constant 2014 dollars, the $1,046,224,000,000 that the federal government has collected in October, November and December of 2014 and January of fiscal 2015, is $85,626,000,000 more than the $960,598,000,000 it collected in fiscal 2014 through January.

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First Time Ever Federal Tax Revenues Top 1 Trillion Thru January Gov t Still Runs 194B Deficit CNS News

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