Explaining Immigration Policy (in four commentaries)

Have you decided to apologize for your voluntary ToureItte's Syndrome?

I may accept same if you are really, really sincere.
I would not bother having a conversation with goats. . IMO? He is on the payroll of the cartels TBH. You won't get anywhere there.
IMO? Leaving the connection between the Cartels and the DNC is missing a giant hole in the picture.

I really do think there was a reason Eric Holder refused to go before congress, and was in contempt. Likewise, there is a reason that /

"64% Of Federal Arrests Were Of Non-Citizens In 2018, DOJ Finds

Federal arrests of non-citizens has increased exponentially over the past two decades, and account for the majority of all federal arrests, data released by the Justice Department revealed.

Non-citizens made up 64% of all federal arrests in 2018 despite making up 7% of the U.S. population, according to Justice Department data released Thursday and reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation. Between 1998 and 2018, federal arrests of non-citizens grew by 234%, while federal arrests of U.S. citizens climbed 10%.

While the numbers provide credence to President Donald Trump’s argument that illegal immigration results in increased crime, immigration experts also pointed out that migrant apprehensions make up a significant portion of current federal arrests.

“Experience has taught the immigration agencies and DOJ that this works to reduce recidivism — in other words, when illegal crossers face some more severe consequence than just being sent back home, they don’t keep doing it,” Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies told the Washington Examiner. 64% Of Federal Arrests Were Of Non-Citizens In 2018, DOJ Finds



And that's just federal.

Wanna see the figures from California, or New York????

“Piecing together state and federal reports, it appears that half the correctional population in California consists of illegal aliens. According to a state report, there were fewer than two hundred thousand inmates in the entire California prison population, including mental hospitals, in 2009. That year, 102,795 illegal aliens were incarcerated in California, costing the state more than $1 billion a year.”
Ann Coulter, ¡Adios, America!: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole

Non-citizens are more likely to be arrested, convicted and imprisoned for serious crimes than people who are born here; much more likely!

Yet that’s who the Democrats support.....over the Americans that they have a proven record of either putting out of work, or assaulting.

As long as they vote Democrat, that's all that matters to the party.
Yes, those arrests would be of immigrants trying to cross the border.
Wouldn't it be less than 1% who are committing crimes after they get in?

I think that there can be one answer for Americans, for all the IQ questions: The political party is trying to increase their vote count.

For a Canadian there are other just as likely answers. Labour shortages to fill jobs that must be filled for the sake of a growing and expanding economy.

And humanitarian reasons.

We can discuss other............................
So you aren't bothered by the 13 year old's rape or the women who have been killed and stores that are being robbed out of business... maybe you are the one who should check your emotions and see why you have none...
This girls life would not have been ruined it our borders were secure.,.. period....
And of course if you have unchecked immigration and we don't know who's coming we will obviously have more crime to answer your stupid heartless question...
of course he isn't. he wants more of it, and stated so in his post about 300 million. perhaps he's jealous of the 13 year old.
Actually, it's Republican bullshit that's being exposed:

As for your lies and bullshit about immigrants and crime:

When lies are all you have, you truly have NOTHING.

I've been offered contradictory information on the political cause of all the problems. I think there's some truth in both versions.
I've been offered contradictory information on the political cause of all the problems. I think there's some truth in both versions.

You believe that Democrats are encouraging minority immigration in order to replace the white majority of the USA with more Democratic voters? Why do you think that illegal immigration goes UP when a Republican is in the White House, and DOWN when a Democrat is in office, if that's true.

Both of the Republican's ideal world leaders - Putin and Orban, two strong men who have resisted non-white immigration, banned homosexuality, and tolerate no dissension to their rule, are presiding over declining populations and failing economies.

People are leaving both countries, in droves. Young people can't get out fast enough, leaving an elderly and shrinking population. And these are the two guys Tucker Carlson is talking up as shining examples of "strength and leadership" for the world.


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