Examples of enforcing current laws eliminates need for MORE LAWS!!


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Sep 19, 2011
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Obama, et.al. calling for gun bans in response to the ANECDOTAL exception situations blown so out of proportion by the 30 second sound byte/headlines that only
dummies think are true.. we have now had MORE laws,regulations piled on to all of us that are law abiding!

"Stewart pointed out that McConnell’s office counted only Federal Register pages, which are typed in such tiny type that each page is worth almost four pages with regular, double-spaced type. By that logic, 10,000 pages of final rules could be labeled as 40,000 pages. “So if anything, we’re undercounting,” he said.
How many pages of regulations for ?Obamacare?? - The Washington Post

40,000 pages of NEW rules and regulations WHEN we haven't enforced or fulfilled EXISTING LAWS and regulations!

A) Why the cry for more gun laws when these AREN'T ENFORCED?
Despite his calls for greater gun control, including a new assault weapons ban that extends to handguns, President Obama's administration has turned away from enforcing gun laws, cutting weapons prosecutions some 40 percent since a high of about 11,000 under former President Bush.
Gun prosecutions under Obama down more than 45 percent | WashingtonExaminer.com

B) Why the cry for Obamacare when CMS and Medicaid are NOT enrolling all the eligible people THAT HAVE BEEN FALSELY counted as part of the 46 million uninsured?

Personal anecdote... I know two people that clearly from income level under age 65 qualify for Medicaid. They are too lazy to sign up!

YET Obama counts these two and 14 million like them as part of the 46 million uninsured...FALSELY as all Obama needed to do was comply with CURRENT Medicaid regulations!

Of the 44.7 million non-elderly uninsured individuals identified in the 2004 Census Current Population Survey (CPS) data, nearly one-third — almost 14 million — were reachable through existing government health programs such as Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) under current rules.

The Actuarial Research Corporation (ARC) estimates that about 9 million of these individuals actually were enrolled in Medicaid during the year,
but were categorized as uninsured in the Census survey.

In the latest Census health insurance report, the Census Bureau acknowledges that the survey “…underreports Medicare and Medicaid coverage compared with enrollment and participation data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).” According to ARC, this “Medicaid undercount” leads to an over-assessment of the uninsured population and needs to be taken into consideration when developing uninsured estimates.
It is important that this issue be resolved so that targeted solutions for the uninsured can be developed based on the most accurate data possible.
Among uninsured individuals eligible for public programs, but not enrolled during the year:

So again these two examples show how stupid we are to think MORE laws will solve problems that are already covered but we aren't enforcing or fulfilling!
Gun laws... MORE enforcement should be demanded from Obama NOT more laws!
Health care... WHY not just get those 14 million that think they aren't covered COVERED under existing laws and NO new ACA etc. was necessary!

JUST do the jobs that current laws /regulations cover and don't add to the problem!

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