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Russ Alllah Gehry

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Dec 11, 2016
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Joe, I would like to discuss with you, your views on what you believe the electoral college actually is; what it's function is; and the history of it; and the how, and why of it.

I would start with taking apart this post in another thread

Not the right wing here. And can't believe you consider a check against the tyranny of the mob as a terrible thing.

One of the founders, John Adams, spoke of tyranny from the people being no better than the tyranny of a sovereign head of state
Again, the "Tyranny of the Mob" they were scared of was that the majority of people who weren't slave owners would vote to end slavery. I just can't get worked up about that.

The reality- most democratic countries elect their leaders by popular vote. It works out just fine. On the other hand, when we've used this system to invalidate the popular vote, it's been a shit sandwich.

Why aren't those jobs going to come back joe? If the globalists are beat back to where they are no longer squeezing the life out of this country there is every reason to believe they WILL come back. Just because you're an ignorant twat doesn't mean the people the trumpster is placing positions of power are. They are orders of magnitude brighter, and more educated than you dude.
Why aren't those jobs coming back? Because there's no good reason to bring them back. You see, the thing is, even if you slap on really big tariff's, it's still cheaper to bring them in from Mexico or China where they pay a pittance for labor. But even if you force some products back here, they aren't going to be made by Willie White Trash who wears his red MAGA hat. That fuck is too dumb to run the automated line that will produce that stuff.

Here's the thing, I work in Manufacturing. You know what I've never seen on a production line? The kind of person who votes for Trump. The last company I worked for, (not the one that fired me illegally for getting injured, the one after that I quit last year) we had about 100 people on the assembly line. (That was until they sent all those jobs to Malaysia)

They weren't the angry white males who show up at Trump rallies with their red hats yelling "Make American Great Again." They were mostly women, from either India or Latin America. And we kept introducing new machines every year so we'd have to employ less and less of them. So we went from 300 when I started there in 2008 to 100 when I left in 2015. Today it's just about a dozen in the warehouse unloading trucks from Mexico.

You see, I will even concede your point that the people Trump is putting into positions of power are more clever than I am... they just have no interest in bringing back the jobs. You really think a government of billionaires gives a fuck about working people?

Then you are the one who isn't very bright.
please allow me to post again before you reply here. I will post here after seeing you accept the challenge, the call-out here Discussions and Call-outs? I call lout Joe B. 131 where others are free to comment on this.

This thread is just you and me kid. Just you and I

Russ AG


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