Bull Ring me and Asclepias calling out "Bull" on Tommy Sotomayor


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Jan 21, 2010
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This BullRing thread is for a special challenge inspired by Asclepias.

Can he and I list out all the points we agree or disagree with that Tommy Sotomayor
either promotes or attacks, and pick ONE idea that Sotomayor might promote
over the radio to raise 1M for a good cause we ALL agree would solve multiple issues,
even if we don't totally agree on all points, causes or faults involved.

Can we agree on a solution anyway that covers ALL the bases or most of them?

Up front, I am guessing we don't all agree on BLM and ALM.
I propose to set up Microlending to create paid jobs for
Business Leaders and Mentors
to bring together BLM and ALM advocates on SOLUTIONS.
If we disagree then set up Multiple projects and work on separate teams
on each area.

Would TS agree to promote a business and ALLIANCE of Leaders and Mentors?
How about starting with Freedmen's Town?

Would TS support or attack what's been going on there?

Challenge, to both me and Asclepias. To outline our points of concern,
cowrite a letter or online statement/petition to TS, and find ONE POINT
or ONE ANGLE that TS would support to solve one or more problems either A or me,
or both of us, spell out on our laundry list of mess to clean up with Black politics and media.

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