Donald J. Trump is going to lead America back to God. Yes Trump is an excellent candidate for 2024

".... Trump will lead America back to God."

Regarding this destination god that America is gonna go "back" to....well, which god would that be?

You do know there are something like 5,000 gods currently worshipped?
How are we to know that DonT himself knows which is is the "right" one?
Has he demonstrated a history of religiosity?
Or behavior, that would instill confidence he is to be the nation's sherpa to one god or another?

In short, is the guy trustworthy when it comes to god-stuff?
For example, does serial-adultery against 3 wives earn one a Michelin star for competence in god-stuff? Judged as a sexual assaulter? Judged a financial his businesses, in his charities, in his 'university'? Multiple bankruptcies that hurt thousands of people?

Which one of those 5,000 gods likes that kind of 'leader'.

I dunno.

Just askin'.
I bet Trump couldn't recite parts of a book in the Bible from memory. I had to do it all those years I was in Sunday School.
Joe and Nancy are good Christians also...bwahahhaaaa! What people like these have done behind the scenes are a disgrace. And the lying increased in front of us all as we have seen over the years. They know the election and others are/were stolen.
Wrong thread this one is proclaiming Trump as being a spiritual leader...
I don't know about all that but I read the reason the evangelists went for Trump in 2016 (and will again) was explained very simply....

He might not be like us but he doesn't hate us like the dems....


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