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CDZ Disclosure of Voting Results/Predictions on Election Day

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Nov 1, 2015
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Washington, D.C.
Do you concur that the results of voting be withheld until the majority of the nation has voted? It used to be that election result predictions based on exit polling data and other post-election indicators were shared as they came available. Now, news agencies withhold that information until at least the polls close in CA, WA and OR.

Thread Questions/Discussion Topic:
  • Do you think that the current voting result/prediction release schedule is the right way to handle the disclosure of the information?
    • What are the pros and cons of your position on the matter?
      • How would you recommend mitigating the cons?
    • Identify and reconcile the principles that drive your position with whatever is your position regarding the disclosure of information about candidates and events related to the candidates prior to the election.


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Sep 16, 2012
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Of course. Exit polling is extremely accurate, more so than any other type of polling. I once had a debate with that Statisganster dude, he tried to convince me that people that had already voted, IOW, the actual vote, weren't as good a predictor for figuring out who was going to be president as polling folks before an election. I'm like, wtf?

Establishment shill.

It can totally influence the election results, especially if they lie about the results of the poll.

There are no cons to the system.

Well, I take that back, the only con to the present day system is the belief that there is no corruption and large scale fraud going on. :lmao:

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