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Did Anyone Watch The Oscars Last Night?



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Jul 21, 2009
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Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts
Who is Oscar? Wasn't he a character in the Odd Couple?

He was a fag. No kidding.....
He's Dr Sheldon Cooper in the 70s.

Oscar was the slob, played by Jack Klugman in the TV show. Felix was the effeminate one, played by Tony Randall. I'll tell you a story though:

I was in high school back in 1967 and my step-dad was the stage manager for a dinner theater in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn. The name of the place was the Drury Lane Theater. It was then owned by a burly Italian gumba named "Anthony DeSantis. They had plays starring actors like George Hamilton, Forest Tucker, Bob Crane, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson., etc. They put on the play "The Odd Couple" and Tony Randall played the role of Felix Ungar.

Anyway, I had a job there working props and scenery. When the lights went out between scenes, I would have to move furniture around and stuff. I would also have to have props waiting for the actors, in one of the small rooms outside the corners of the stage.

I got personally meet Tony Randall. He was a decent guy, straight as an arrow, and had a blonde wife who never came out of the star's living quarters they provided.

Forest Tucker (F Troop) was always drunk.

Bob Crane (Hogan's Heroes) was an asshole. It's no wonder someone killed him.

Ozzie and Harriet Nelson were the most wonderful, down to earth, genuine people you'd ever want to meet. They wrote all the crew a check when their play was done, as a tip.

I kept the check stub in my wallet and two years later when I was bumming around California, I stopped at their house in LA. They made me sandwiches, gave me $50, and drove me back to the freeway in their Mercedes or BMW, I don't remember which.

I continued to hitchhike south and ended up in Tijuana, where I spent the money on a switchblade, some tacos, and a whore. The whore wasn't really that good, but it was fun.

True story.
I know the whore you're talking about.

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