DemocRAT NY Guv Cuomo begs Pres Trump to provide emergency assistance at Penn Station


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Jul 22, 2016
New York
After spending the last year in a non stop bashing frenzy Pres Trump, NY Goofball Governor begs President Trump for help with the Penn Station disaster.

Gov. Cuomo called on President Trump Sunday to provide emergency funding to remedy the “intolerable” situation at Penn Station that will soon create “a summer of agony.”

The plea came after executives from Amtrak, which has operational control over the Midtown rail hub, announced earlier this month they would shut down train tracks for about six weeks in July and August to repair long-neglected infrastructure.

That means the 600,000 passengers who pass through the station each day will face a nightmarish 20% reduction in service during peak hours, Cuomo said.

“Amtrak's need to cut service this summer has created both a short-term crisis and dramatically exposed the system's chronic problems,” Cuomo wrote in a letter to Trump.

Cuomo asks Trump for emergency assistance at Penn Station
They tax the crap out of NYers. If it ain't enough money by now, it ain't never going to be enough.
He also bowed down to pressure from Ontario in regards to Buy American policies. Yeah I said that right, ONTARIO!

To his credit, he tried to avoid our Premier and her team and he wanted to include the Buy America tenet in the budget, but some in the state wouldn't pass the budget with that in place. He got backstabbed by state representatives. Who knows if it will have political consequences, or, if the Trump admin will link federal funding to states honouring Buy American with taxpayer funds. Now that would be interesting.
Obama couldn't find any shovel rdy jobs, now we are back to gimme gimme gimme our infstructure is ruined

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