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  1. Cellblock2429

    DemocRAT NY Guv Cuomo begs Pres Trump to provide emergency assistance at Penn Station

    After spending the last year in a non stop bashing frenzy Pres Trump, NY Goofball Governor begs President Trump for help with the Penn Station disaster. Gov. Cuomo called on President Trump Sunday to provide emergency funding to remedy the “intolerable” situation at Penn Station that will...
  2. Echo343

    Help me give some good advice.

    "When you forgive someone else it's not for them it's for your own peace." Is that in the Bible or some other book?
  3. R

    I could use your help – a conversation for a post-grad project

    Hello I've been tasked with tackling inaccessibility in an Art Direction MA unit I began last week – awaken international conversation from four seemingly remote utterances. Believing that anything internal, once outed, can illicit a response – start a conversation – I'll leave you my 4 chosen...
  4. GOPgeoff

    A couple questions.

    Hello everyone , I have a few questions regarding steps I would need to take to one day become a US representative and Eventually Senator. I am curious what Degree is common and things I need to do. I am currently in High School and would love if any one could help. Thanks a lot. Geoff

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