Current Event(s), Conspiracy, but not Theory


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Oct 25, 2019
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With a little Historical reference for good measure

“Every time I hear a political speech or I read those of our leaders, I am horrified at having, for years, heard nothing which sounded human. It is always the same words telling the same lies. And the fact that men accept this, that the people’s anger has not destroyed these hollow clowns, strikes me as proof that men attribute no importance to the way they are governed; that they gamble – yes, gamble – with a whole part of their life and their so called ‘vital’ interests.”

~ Albert Camus (1978). “Notebooks, 1935-1942”, Harcourt

This conspiracy has but one main goal, and that is securing the centralization of power and control over all people and economies in order to achieve global dominance. It is being labeled as ‘The Great Reset,” as described by the very evil Klaus Schwab who is the founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. He is tied to Bill Gates, George Soros, and the rest of these inhuman monsters. His and the ruling class ‘elites’ plans for our future are ominous, and currently being accepting by the bulk of this pathetic society. Here are some of his predictions for 2030, which include the United States surrender to the United Nations:
Covid-19 Is a Hoax Leading to the Centralization of Control: “The Great Reset” Is the Real Pandemic

I suppose ominous might be subjective- that's determined by perspective- but, central to the US being established is a life philosophy of respect AND not a centralization of power- that said, respect is earned by showing respect- force, threat of force is using fear to, well, force a belief or will- I learned several years ago that if something is a win, win, force isn't required- the threat, or use of force produces no winners- it only enriches a few- winners are those who choose to live life their own way and accept being punished for real crime, not revenue generating laws, inflicted on one who does no harm- no harm, no foul, a win, win- laws (or mandates) against liberty on the other hand generate revenue for enrichment-

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