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Congress Holds Up $$$ to Palis


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Nov 22, 2003
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IMO should cancel altogether. It would be great to make a link to 'more credible' source, unfortunately, most do not choose to report on such:


PA unity deal in crisis

Fatah-Hamas negotiations break down day before new coalition was supposed to be established. Disagreement over appointment of interior minister leads to crisis. Abbas cancels Thursday speech in which he planned to declare unity government
Ali Waked

The Palestinian unity government deal reached in Mecca between Hamas and Fatah was thrown into question Wednesday night when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas canceled the Thursday speech in which he intended to present the deal to the Palestinian people.

Abbas also called off a Thursday visit to the Gaza Strip, where he was slated to deliver to Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh the letter of appointment for the establishment of the coalition government.

Israel's Stance
Olmert: Not accepting or rejecting Mecca deal / Ronny Sofer
In first public response to understandings reached between Fatah and Hamas, prime minister tells cabinet Israel is studying agreement's details and will then make its stance known

Palestinian sources said the crisis broke out due in part to disagreements over the Interior Ministry portfolio. According to the sources, the conflict primarily resulted from disagreement over appointments.

Haniyeh was supposed to serve his resignation Thursday immediately after AbbasÂ’ speech. Now, however, Haniyeh has delayed his resignation.

Behind the delay

Hamas officials claimed the delay was due to technical problems, but Fatah representatives said it was because Hamas introduced conditions which contradicted the Mecca agreement.

In either case, it appeared that the unity government, which both sides declared would be established already this week, would not go into effect at present.

Meanwhile, the United States Congress decided to freeze the transfer of $86 million it pledged to the Palestinian president.

US President George W. Bush initially ordered the transfer as part of an American plan to help train security forces loyal to Abbas, but Congress is waiting until further details of the deal on the formation of a Palestinian unity government are brought to light.


Feb 2, 2007
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the West
While I may be on the other side of the debate usually (I think if the reason aid was given in the first place still exists, then don't stop giving it) in this case - you're right - the US should refuse aid. Then pull out of the peace process (ha) entirely. Leave it to others who aren't selling weapons to one side, and vetoing UN resolutions for one side. Basically - a mediator who is less biased.

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