Comparing American Casualties in Iraq to 9/11 Twin Towers Deaths

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Apr 25, 2004
This article was written by Paul Peterson, who as a Hollywood kid, grew up playing Donna Reed’s son on TV.

Reprisals Are Due
By Paul Petersen, Political Mavens
December 29, 2006

As predictably as sunrise the news arrived on Christmas Day that American casualties in Iraq now “equal” the number of deaths in the fall of the Twin Towers on Nine Eleven. Oh, what fanfare. Global coverage by a gleeful Press tried to trumpet a somewhat mysterious connection between the murders in New York on a morning in September 2001, and the battle dead in the Middle East.

If you accept that this supposed tie between murder most foul and casualties within War have meaning, that there is any relevancy at all in comparing one statistic with another, then I have a modest suggestion for the nation and the men and women who transmit the news…a question they and we might address for national debate:

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