Chicago Mayor Debates - Are Like Which One of the Worst Possible Selections to Pick!


Apr 22, 2007
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I think Chuy Garcia is going to win. His stance:
(1) Raise property taxes on the wealthy (keep in mind property taxes in Chicago are 3rd highest in the country) and by wealthy he means you have a home worth more than $300K. Um that's middle class douche bag.

(2) Memorandum on Charter Schools: Um douche bag, those are the FEW schools that actually teach kids in the city.

(3) City Income Tax: Um douche bag, that will steam roll us further towards Detroit status.

(4) Commuter Tax: Watch business relocate in droves for this no representation tax.

(5) Reopen Failed Schools: So the schools that failed and are under-enrolled, you want reopened? Fucking moron.

(6) Handcuff the Hands of Police Officers: That is your solution to the most crime ridden city in America?

(7) Get rid of redline cameras: Yep I hate getting caught by them also and these are revenue streams, but bullshit that they cause more accidents then they prevent is bullshit. Rear-ends happen and are rarely as deadly as head on collisions.

(8) Make Officer Hiring Reflect the Neighborhood: So if a neighborhood is 100% black, then no whites should be allowed to patrol the area. OK, then if an area is 100% white, there better not be a single black or hispanic officer in these areas also.

(9) Bow down, bend over and take it good for every Union out there.

It is amazing two other candidates makes this guy look awesome! It's amazing that Rahm is by far the best choice and he is a horrible choice!

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