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Cementing Power: Left-wing Rioters Are Released While Conservatives Are Persecuted


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Mar 16, 2015
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Apr 1, 2020
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...The Federal Government is not in charge of prosecuting rioters in dem controlled cities and states...
Incorrect. The Federal government DOES have jurisdiction when Federal facilities (like courthouses) are under siege. Rump-and-Company were just to chicken$hit to do it.

...You are lying to deflect from the obvious injustice and tyranny here.
Incorrect. See above. There is no injustice nor tyranny at-work here. The Insurrectionists of January 6 2021 are going to be crucified in the law courts. Rightfully so.
I'll agree with this to a certain extent; Trump should have utterly fucking smashed the riots. If the governors aren't protecting their people, call out the national guard with riot clubs and have at it, let's see some asses getting beat down everywhere.
He should have fired everyone he could in DC, cleaned house at DOJ and gutted the FBI, he should have brought in special prosecutors and put as many of these swamp creatures in prison as possible, and he just should have acted a lot more like the dictator all of you were already calling him..... I mean, why not? What we're the parasites going to do that they weren't already doing to him?
He had the position and the power that came with it and he should have used it a lot more ruthlessly, IMO. You never leave your enemies alive; they will make you regret it.

The truth is, he was a much nicer guy than the situation called for; there were lines he simply wasn't willing to cross. And the people lined up against him, were dishonest, ruthless, murderous shitbags willing to do absolutely anything to get rid of him and get their way. Because they mean to rule, and they are willing to murder anyone that gets in the way of that.

People that aren't willing to go as far, almost always lose to those kinds of folks. The better man seldom wins in real life, it's the man who is willing to go the farthest who prevails, most of the time.
Ahhhhh, yes... Strong-Man Admiration Syndrome... you would have done well as a devotee of Saddam Hussein.
Your reading comprehension sucks.


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Oct 17, 2011
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Trying to overthrow a branch of the U.S. Government while it was carrying out its duties under the U.S. Constitution, attacking police and others in the process, is a far more serious offense than looting a store. There is no "persecution" of right-wingers. Even the kid who murdered those people in Kenosha is out on bond. In another time in history, these people would have been hanged.
How exactly can you overthrow the government by taking selfies and breaking a few windows?

Do you actually condone what happened on Jan. 6? As an American, I cannot. Our nation was attacked that day, by traitors in our midst. This is NOT a matter of "taking selfies and breaking a few windows." This was an attack on the United States of America, our democracy, our nation, the American way of life.
The media certainly likes to paint it that way while mostly downplaying what is still happening in Portland.

Granted, we have a plutocracy, not a democracy. Our "way of life" is just whatever we're willing to put up with from elites. Sadly, we've submitted to a lot of abuse from the ones pulling the strings, and clearly, a lot of people fully buy into the narratives that the elites in media spread.

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