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Careers for Mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan ?


Apr 14, 2009
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I must say, seeing so many enthusiastic and hopeful non-entities, so eager to join the swollen ranks of U.S armed forces in this period of Imperialist conquest, is a pitiful sight. Even in the knowledge that the conflicts they'll be engaging in are illegitimate and amoral they continue to scramble for the recruitment office.

Such is the desperation of these benighted generations that a position as a piece of canon fodder looks pretty good from their point of view. One is forced to raise the question that if the prospect of filling a body bag looks so attractive, then what manner of lifestyle do these people enjoy?

No doubt grievously offended tiny minds will exclaim their 'love of country' and 'sense of duty' as the compelling forces which drive them to want to become members of the military, but I don't for a moment believe this to be the truth. The Allied forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are nothing more than paid assassins for American Imperialism; Front-line terrorists that mow down both insurgent and civilian with equal vigour and determination. After all, you just can't be sure who's who in the heat of the moment.

I consider only deviant personalities seek the opportunity to be a part of these US led blood baths. It was a corrupt leadership that took the Allies into the Wars; it is a compromised administration that chooses to continue those wars and an amoral, mercenary army that follows such a despicable chain of command.


America is dropping Napalm on Civilians in Iraq ..Italian documentary film exposes US atrocities in Fallujah: [ame="http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rff8aduPHg4"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rff8aduPHg4[/ame]

Iraqi deaths due to US invasion = 1,366,350 ...and counting

Short documentary film on the 'D.U Babies' of Fallujah:
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFqyK8kB1Vk]YouTube - Fallujah babies born with birth defects as a result of Depleted Uranium WMD contaminated dust.[/ame]


Mar 26, 2010
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Stop complaining will you ? Do you think Bush would have invaded Iraq if not for Bin Laden and 9/11 ?
Do you think the U.S. would be in Afgh now if not for Bin Laden? Problem is Bin wanted to be a big shot and make a name for himself - and now we will hunt down radical Muslims with the same zeal that Hitler hunted Jews. So stop blaming the U.S. for all your problems you sound like a broken record.

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