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Canada Bastion of Reaganism While the U.S. keeps spending


Jan 19, 2011
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Canada's recent election proved Canadians were willing to trust a conservative government to maintain a level of optimism and flourishment through a recession.
While Canada has implemented ,by comparison to the U.S. , a very small stimulus to the economy and is keeping taxes low.
While the Canadian economy is somewhat thriving (again in comparison-to most of the world), Canadian manufacturers and business are increasingly becoming frustrated with the liberal Obama administration. The U.S. abysmal economy is hurting Canada-U.S. trade and Canadian businesses.
While Canada kept their economy in check and corporate taxes low, the spendthrift Obama administration worsened the recession in the U.S. with massive spending, new costly legislations through a recession and fears of tax hikes and uncertainty.
While the Canadian conservative government avoided imposing any new tax hikes or burdens on people and businesses, and the people were always informed about the certainties and what they were in for, and what they were not.
Canada's reaction to the recession was contrary to the U.S. and President Obama et al.
Proving the reaction to the recession was more important than the presence of it.
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Sep 29, 2005
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Surfing the Oceans of Liquidity
I have been an active member of the Conservative and Reform Parties in Canada. (Reform was even more conservative than the Conservatives.) I supported Stephen Harper in the last election. However, please note:

- Canadian taxes are still higher than in America.

- Canada is still a much more "socialist" country than America.

- Canada's still has a more regulated economy than America.

- Canada has been a big beneficiary of rising commodity prices.

- Productivity is lower in Canada.

- Polls routinely show that Canadians approve of "socialized" medicine by 80% to 90%. A surefire way of being defeated at the polls in Canada is to propose American-style healthcare.

- Canada did not have a subprime collapse because its banks are far more regulated. (Try opening a bank in Canada.)

- Canadians balanced the budget by a combination of spending cuts and tax increases. It was mostly on the spending side but some taxes went up. Canadian conservatives didn't scream that raising taxes would kill the economy or not raise more revenues, because neither was correct, in theory or in practice.

- Unlike in America, Canadian conservatives generally do not believe that cutting taxes is the panacea for all economic problems, nor that tax cuts always pay for themselves.

So likening Canada to Reaganism is a tad misplaced.
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