Biden to Promote Student Loan ‘Plan B’ in Wisconsin College Town


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Jun 20, 2012
Amidst pressure from the Dem / Socialist majority of the Biden politburo, Biden is gearing up for another round of his ''Deficit Inflation Program''.

Biden is announcing more of the lawlessness that defines his pretend-presidency as he admits to defying the Supreme Court's decisions on dumping student debt on the taxpayers. What does Biden understand about the law? He's a substandard student who briefly practiced law before becoming a substandard politician.

This is just more of the sleazy vote buying tactics that is a familiar pattern with Biden.

Bloomberg) -- President Joe Biden plans to tout his administration’s alternative broad-based student-debt relief plan on Monday, according to a White House official, while he’s in Madison, Wisconsin — a city that’s home to thousands of college students in a 2024 battleground state.

The new plan was originally more narrowly written. But amid pressure from progressive lawmakers and advocacy groups, the administration expanded eligible borrowers to include people who have experienced financial “hardship,” opening up opportunities for younger borrowers to seek relief.

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