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Axis of Egos


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Nov 22, 2003
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Considering several are in our hemisphere, this is something to watch:


Meet The Axis of Egos

— site admin @ 12:27 pm

What do Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and Iran have in common, besides sociopathic leaders? Leaders with megalo-maniacal egos.

These loons are trying to forge an anti-US coalition.

From the Reuters report:

Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba moved to cement an anti-U.S. alliance and support Tehran’s right to nuclear technology at a summit of Non-Aligned nations on Saturday.

More than 40 heads of state and leaders from over 100 developing countries were debating a document supporting Iran’s right to nuclear technology for peaceful ends and another sharply critical of Israel’s recent war in Lebanon.

But governments with friendly ties to Washington, among them India, Pakistan, Chile, Peru and Colombia, sought to steer the summit way from confrontation and finger-pointing at the United States.

Did the links: Communism (Cuba and North Korea), old-time jefe populism (hey, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is a Peron-type fascist), and Islamic revolutionaries (Iranian Islamo-fascists, and yes the term is appropriate). All try to peddle various brands of imposed utopia. Whether commissar, jefe, caliph, or colonel — the big boys in charge of these cruel regimes despise America.They envy American power, but at some level, fear it. And well they should.

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