Attacks On Jews Around the World

Attacks on the Jewish Community is nothing new. On individuals or their businesses, Synagogues and Schools is also nothing new.

From time to time there is a rise in Judeophobic, Antisemitic, Jew hatred acts, and we seem to be living in one of them.

It clearly started around five years ago. The rise in White Supremacy, Nazi, Christian and Muslim attacks on Jews in too many cities all over the world, simply because of being Jewish.

There are many excuses used to attack any Jew who comes their way.

Free Palestine
Dirty Jew
Israel does not have the right to exist,
Israel is guilty of Apartheid
Israel is committing ethnic cleansing
We don't hate Jews, only Zionists
etc, etc, etc

Be the attacks on the streets, on Campuses, on the subways or anywhere else, they are clearly uncalled for and come from what each of those individuals who decide to attack one individual Jew - who has not done anything to them, or all Jews due to what they have wrongly learned about Israel, Judaism, Jewish history etc

I will be posting each individual case I do find in the news. There have been too many, which is why I decided to start this thread to deal with this more than common phenomenon, which did not look as bad as this since the Nazis took over Germany.
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