Anthropology: CAVEMEN hoax becomes reality in Syria: End Times Paradoxes


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Apr 26, 2014
Jun 22, 2016 - Syrian Residents of Sokhna are digging caves because of airstrikes.

Syrian Residents of Sokhna are digging caves because of airstrikes.

Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Apr 2013:

Best seller hoaxes from Astronomy's heiiocentrism to Anthropology's cavemen
Hoaxes that apepared only when History started to be rewritten by the Illuminati range from "the earth moves around the sun" to "the first humans lived in caves".
One of the agendas: have people deny what they can see with their own eyes.

End Times Paradoxes: Living in caves
Illuminati started to brainwash the audience with "our ancestors lived in caves" long after the Age of Discovery proved the opposite.
In other words: as each and every one among the thousands of totally "primitive" tribes discovered around the world, from Brazil to New Guinea, was found to be NOT living in caves.
1. - at the End of the Age humans start indeed to live in caves.
Syria 2013, as the resident population was reduced from 20 to 18 millions [2016: 15 millions]: children live in caves, from Azaz on the very north ,along the turkish border, to central Homs and Daraa on the very south, along the border with Jordan.
2. - forcing people to live in caves was still NOT part of the End of the Age script as late as June 1999, when the illuminati stopped the preview of World War III.
In other words: when Serbia's president Milosevic accepted the military occupation of Kosovo by NATO, putting an end to 77 days non-stop air bombings of maternities, hospitals, bridges, passenger trains, TV stations.

Living in caves not in 1999 preview of World War III
At the end of the day the battle of Armageddon did start as what was served as preview in Bosnia and Serbia and was originally meant to to simply terrorize the audience.
The preview was long enough to let no doubts about what the horrors of World War III would be, starting with babies buried under the rubble.
But it didn'include a preview of the "living in caves" end times paradox. In other words: 24/7 air bombings during 77 days wasn not ong enough to to force people to dig caves to live in.

June 1999: Living in caves still not in script although World War III preview completed
The NATO bombings of Serbia were meant only to terrorize the world, a warning of what would happen to those revolting against the "New World Order".
The proclamation of Global Slavery was still scripted to take place after a staged "war to end all wars".
In other words: air bombing civilians was neither part of the scripted World War III nor of the scripted Global Genocide, which would be carrried out only through global compulsory "vaccination" and extermination camps.

Syria;:children live in caves, from Turkey to Jordan borders.
Apr 14 2013- Cham Homs; parents resort to digging bomb shelters to escape the heavy shelling

World War III is as simple as this: illuminati air bombing 99% of the population:
**ALL** THREE stages began in Syria: 2011 airforce bombing own civilians, 2012 foreign mercenaries, 2013 massive chemical attacks:
Battle of Armageddon - Ongoing since 24 March 1999: World War III: ALL 3 stages began in Syria 2011 airforce bombing own civilians, 2012 foreign mercenaries, 2013 chemical attacks

Illuminati script for the End of the Age didn't include people living in caves.
World War III: original script released 1943 was a remake of original WW2 script, two of the ultimate reductions of illuminati end times.
The first reduction is implicitly stated: again the same original script.
The second reduction is what the original script was: a totally fake war with real blood.
The ultimate reason for all this: proving the illuminati anti-bible true, in particular that "Armageddon is a lie".
At tne end of the day not only WW2 but also World War III started as a real war mixed with fake wars.
As expected from the Laws of End Times Reductionism some of these fake wars were additionally reduced to fake blood.
Illuminati World Wars - only two were scripted.: WW3 script 1943 remake of WW2 original stalin

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End Times Paradoxes: Anthropology CAVEMEN hoax becomes reality in Syria: with ww3 air bombings
Prehistoric Cave Contains ... * FIRST * REAL telescope headlines in decades

Telescopes in Day 1 and at the End of the Age: Dark side of the moon "by far" not the only "coincidence"
Last Prophet is AGAIN revealing the TRUE STORY about the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON where two of the keywords are "Day 1" and PARADOXICALLY "TELESCOPE".
This was triggered by Last Prophet's worldwide only disciple starting a thread posing that question on Jun 22, 2016.
""Coincidentally" ten days later: illuminati media has the first headlines in decades about a REAL telescope.
And that is literally "by far" not the only coincidence.

Prehistoric Cave Contains a Hidden, 6,000-Year-Old Telescope
"Much of our culture has been shaped by what ancient humans thought about while looking at the night sky. Myths and legends, gods and demons, all are influenced by our ancestors' observations of the movements of the planets and stars. And now, researchers have uncovered one of the earliest tools that they used to make those observations: a telescope from six thousand years ago.

While a modern telescope works by magnifying images with mirrors or lenses, this ancient structure is a long, narrow corridor designed to filter out unwanted light. The corridor helps when viewing stars during the hours of dawn and twilight, when the light from the sun makes it hard to view stars near the horizon.

The structure is part of a what's called a "passage grave," a prehistoric tomb with a long entrance corridor. Passage graves are found throughout Europe, and scientists are just starting to examine the astronomical uses of their entrances. The researchers are focusing on a particular passage grave, the Seven-Stone Antas in central Portugal, which is about 6,000 years old.

The researchers believe that the Seven-Stone Antas corridor was used to view the star Aldebaran, the red giant in the constellation Taurus. Aldebaran first becomes visible in the Northern Hemisphere in the early morning of late April, just before sunrise, and viewing it through the passage could make it visible days earlier. Aldebaran likely was a seasonal marker, and its appearance would signal migration patterns or weather changes.

The researchers are now studying other passage graves, in the hope of learning more about prehistoric people

Prehistoric Cave Contains a Hidden, 6,000-Year-Old Telescope

ASTRONOMY FOR DUMMIES - The ONE BASIC FACT - read and weep about yourself
Any celestial body that can not be observed with a telescope located ON Earth, is fake.
This one basic fact implies that for instance Pluto (the first example among millions) is an invention created by the illuminati.
Decades later the illuminati used NASA and the soviet space agency to serially produce Pluto type of hoaxes.
Sun, Moon and Planets as God showed us ever since Day 1: ASTRONOMY FOR DUMMIES - The ONE BASIC FACT - read and weep about yourself

Reveale by Last Prophet first a decade ago and censored shprtly after, it's being revealed agaain.
End Times Prophet, what's the *** TRUE STORY *** about the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON?
First reply by Last Prophet in page 2:

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