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Al-Quds Brigades threatens to wage war against PASF

P F Tinmore

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Dec 6, 2009
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JENIN, (PIC)-- Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad party, issued strong threats against the Palestinian Authority security forces, warning it would wage a “war of attrition” unless the PASF released one of its commanders Mahmoud al-Saadi.

“We address you as Mujahedeen before we launch a war of attrition on the members of your ‘puppet’ services,” the statement says, adding that “if you do not release Sheikh Mahmoud al-Saadi, one of the most prominent leaders of the PIJ in the West Bank, you will know who Al-Quds Brigades are.”

“The PIJ and its armed wing have been keen over the years not to violate Palestinian blood, now we say bluntly: release Sheikh Mahmoud al-Saadi before it’s too late.”

Al-Quds Brigades threatens to wage war against PASF

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