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Aaron Judge sets new rookie season HR record. Amazing!


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Aug 6, 2012
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A giant of a man, adopted at birth and a loyal servant of the Lord. Hits number 50 today, breaking McGwires record. His season numbers of HR's, walks, RBI, and slugging % have only been matched by a handful, including Ruth, Greenberg, McGwire, Mantle and Bonds.

Again, this is his first year in the majors and he's not even done yet this season. Had two last night against my Jays and two today against the Royals. Absolutely insane.

Yankees' Aaron Judge breaks Mark McGwire's rookie home run record

Aaron Judge caught and passed Mark McGwire in just one sun-splashed afternoon at Yankee Stadium.

Judge became the first rookie in major league history to hit 50 home runs, breaking Mark McGwire’s rookie record that had stood since 1987.

The New York Yankee right fielder hit a two-run home run off Kansas City Royals reliever Trevor Cahill in the bottom of the seventh inning, eclipsing Big Mac and giving the Yankees a 7-3 lead.

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