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6 More Dem Senate hopefuls split with Biden on border


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Nov 26, 2015
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Biden is giving smugglers, illegal immigrants a head start with Title 42 roll back pledge

Biden ending Title 42 while still forcing Americans to wear masks on public transit tells you everything you need to know.


John Fetterman says he’s “100 percent” behind the Biden agenda. Well, with one exception.

The Pennsylvania lieutenant governor and front-runner for the state’s Democratic Senate nomination is distancing himself from President Joe Biden’s plans to end pandemic-era border restrictions, known as Title 42

“We should not end Title 42 until we have a detailed plan in place,” Fetterman told POLITICO this weekend. “And look, we don’t only need a long-term and detailed plan here for ending Title 42, but we still need to fix our broken immigration system as a whole.”

Fetterman is certainly not on an island. Five more Democratic Senate candidates told POLITICO they disagree with the way the Biden administration is phasing out Title 42, the latest sign that Biden’s policy position is a big loser among purple-state Democrats facing tough elections.

And an increasing number of Democrats say the whole thing needs to be paused. Cheri Beasley, the presumptive Democratic Senate nominee in North Carolina, “believes that it is not the right time to lift this policy, especially without a plan in place to deal with a potential influx in migrants,” said spokeswoman Dory MacMillan.

“There needs to be a plan, and right now it doesn’t look like the administration has one. Until there is a plan, for the safety of our citizens and those seeking asylum, they should not lift it,” said Wisconsin state Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, who is running for the Democratic Senate nomination. One of her opponents, Milwaukee Bucks executive Alex Lasry, another Wisconsin Senate candidate, put it this way: “We must have an understanding of a comprehensive plan that will deal with an influx of asylum seekers before any changes to Title 42 are made.”

“If you have a surge of immigrants at the border, if you have mass catch-and-release policies put in place, I think you’re putting all those Democrats in terrible political jeopardy,” said Domingo Garcia, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens. “It falls into the false narrative of the Republicans, that we have an open border. That’s false, it’s not true. But this could play to that.”

Val Demings of Florida, who is challenging Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), seemed to defend the Biden administration’s move earlier this month, but her campaign said on Monday that until there is “a plan to put more boots on the ground and support our law enforcement officers at the border, Chief Demings does not support lifting Title 42.”

That leaves Tom Nelson of Wisconsin as an outlier. The Senate candidate and Outagamie County executive said Barnes, one of his primary opponents, and other Democrats are showing “nothing short of political cowardice.”

“I’ve been in these polling briefings and Democrats are scared to death of this issue. And why? Because a lot of them, they don’t have any backbone,” Nelson said. “Democrats have got to stand up and do the right thing. Support the president.”

But incumbent Democratic Sens. Mark Kelly of Arizona and Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire are supporting it. And Hassan in particular surprised some supporters by both joining the bill and recording a video at the border wall.

“I certainly don’t think Maggie Hassan’s border wall stunt was anything other than a disaster for her. I mean, we want her to get elected. We think she’s a terrific senator. But when you pretend that you’re something you’re not, it doesn’t work,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, an immigration advocacy group. “This is a really tough issue for Democrats.”

What’s more, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chair Gary Peters (D-Mich.) said Monday that Democratic senators and candidates are “right to raise questions” about the policy. Peters is also the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee chair, with the power to conduct oversight on the decision.

“Unless we have a well thought-out plan, I think it is something that should be revisited and perhaps delayed. I’m going to defer judgment on that,” Peters said. “I want to give the administration an opportunity to fully articulate how they are going to handle the situation.”


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Nov 21, 2021
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Shenandoah Valley of Virginia
I'd like to see common sense prevail but hope does not spring eternal since Tater & Co seem hell-bent to double down on stupid.

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