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404,869 actual UI claims in the week ending March 27


At the Ballpark July 30th
Nov 8, 2008
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404,869 in the week ending March 27
405,557 in the week ending March 20
432,166 in the week ending March 13
460,287 in the week ending March 6
471,720 in the week ending Feb. 27
452,468 in the week ending Feb. 20

The numbers above are the actual UI claims numbers for the weeks past. The numbers fluctuate, and as always a few thousand are usually reported to the government a few days late and do not make it on the initial report.

What we see here is a continuing collapse in the economy. The cutoff for Expansion versus steady state is below 330,000. The cutoff for Collapse versus steady state is about 350,000.

Obviously we are not in a read economic recovery.

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