1. S

    Survey for Veterans and Active duty! Please any help is appreciated

    Hello my name is Steven. I'm a researcher at FIU and I'm currently a part of a study involving veterans and active duty. The survey goes over risk and resilience and your contribution would really help us understand military life and its effects on the psyche. Any help is appreciated. Direct...
  2. deanrd

    While the Trump Administration burns, the lives of hundreds of thousands of vets destroyed!

    Veterans aren’t getting their GI Bill payments — because VA’s 50-year-old computer system broke Hundreds of thousands of war vets still waiting for health benefits Veterans Not Receiving GI Bill Benefits Due to Ongoing IT Issues at VA --------------- What has been going on with our veterans...
  3. T

    It would seem the king of the snowflakes is melting!

    My, my. The Orange Virus seems a bit down in the dumps after the midterms. Orange Man Angry. Trump, stung by midterms and nervous about Mueller, retreats from traditional presidential duties For weeks this fall, an ebullient President Trump traveled relentlessly to hold raise-the-rafters...
  4. longknife

    The Ignored Vote

    It has not been until this morning on Fox&Friends that I’ve seen anyone direct their attention to tens of millions of votes that will affect the midterm elections – the military. We have 1.28 million men and women currently serving on active duty and 10s of millions vets – disabled and retired...
  5. Pop23

    School Shootings and Veteran Suicide rates connected?

    After debating a retired Military individual about Gun Violence I came across some startling information. That was that, returning soldiers had a startling rate of Violent Criminal convictions. I studied this a bit and was shocked at the connection that SSRI Antidepressants had with not only...
  6. E

    Alaska Native Justice Center Is this appropriate? I hate specialty courts. In my hometown in the lower 48 there are several: Veterans Court, Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Immigration Court, Divorce Court to name a few. It is always the same. Defense and Prosecution work together as a "team" for the...
  7. C

    California Veterans and Military

    Hi all :) Given California's state of affairs regarding its military service members and veterans, I've created a forum for us to consolidate and collaborate together. Registration is free and the first 100 members receive a special rank, visible for all to see. This forum is Veteran ran and...
  8. P@triot

    They fought for the rights that leaders now want to deny them

    Absolutely repulsive. These veterans fought to defend all of our rights and now some of their military leaders fight to strip them of those rights. What an absolute crock of crap regarding "suicide". The U.S. Constitution doesn't grant self-righteous facists the right to strip the American...
  9. midcan5

    Veterans for Trump

    Why do veterans support Trump? Do they really think he will change the republican party's policies? Trump like so many republicans was a draft dodger. Lots of men were, I've only met one in my life who was honest and admitted getting a exemption. And while the lower classes served, the upper...
  10. Compost

    Why Does the Navy Stock Whiskey?

    The Navy has decided not to buy from a veteran's distillery. This got me to wondering. Why does the Navy even stock whiskey? The agency tasked with stocking alcohol on Naval bases told the nation’s only disabled-veteran-owned distillery it would not stock their whiskey. The Navy Exchange...
  11. American_Jihad

    Requiem for a VA Victim

    Hurry up 2017... Requiem for a VA Victim If a loyal veteran burns himself to the ground in a forest of government bureaucrats, will anybody hear him? April 6, 2016 Michelle Malkin What does a suffering military veteran have to do to force an unresponsive government to change its ways...
  12. midcan5

    Vietnam Veterans

    Take a minute and fill this out. Are You a Vietnam Veteran? Help Us Investigate the Impact of Agent Orange
  13. Anonymous1977

    Good idea for our military

    I want to donate some money to military charities... Our military websites should have the ending "gov" which everyone recognizes, the green lighting & "s" next to the "http" should appear which suggests that the site is secure, and the sites should have right on them a way to donate to...

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