1. Mark Richard

    African king Budamel

    If this isn't an African history video that I post, I give up trying to post. Seems like it keeps posting an earlier video on Islam in history. But if this post is correct then it's a history in the African region during the 15th century
  2. J

    Thank God for the U.S. Revolutionary war and the people’s fight to end slavery

    I thought it would be interesting to note on this July 4th, contrary to the propaganda taught to children in government schools, some of the truths about our nation’s founding, and in particularly with regard to our Constitution’s three-fifths clause, which children are falsely taught by...
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    Churches played an active role in slavery and segregation.

    Show of hands please. How many of you here were taught about this in grade school. I sure was not. Next question. How many of you have children who are being taught about this? My guess is not many. More evidence that children are being short changed by only being exposed to a watered down...
  4. Robert Urbanek

    A better world without American Revolution

    The world might have been a better place if the American Revolution had never happened, according to Andrew Roberts, author of The Last King of America: The Misunderstood Reign of George III. In a review of the book in the February 7, 2022, edition of National Review, Roberts is quoted: “a...
  5. Litwin

    Modern day slavery? Moscow "Pilot Railways project, they would like to attract 600 prisoners to the construction of railways in the Far East (GULAG)."

    Modern day slavery? Moscow "Pilot Railways project, they would like to attract 600 prisoners to the construction of railways in the Far East (GULAG region)." " Russia does not have enough of Russia for construction, 1,2 million workers are missing, and less than 200 thousand people can be...
  6. Chuz Life

    John Brown poll and discussion

    Very straightforward poll and discussion on a not so simple topic. Before you vote, do some reading on the life and actions of the abolitionist, John Brown. Use multiple sources if you want to be thorough. Start here. Share any other links in your responses...
  7. toobfreak

    How The 14th Amendment Literally Saved Our Civil Rights (and what your school never taught you)

    The Constitution, great as it is and elegant in its simplicity still left many matters wide open demanding the eventual address of Congress through the Bill of Rights, yet most people don't realize that still even after that, the States themselves were not actually compelled to enforce it...
  8. J

    What your socialist public school teacher did not teach your child about slavery in the U.S

    . One of the most disingenuous practices engaged in by government school teachers when teaching impressionable grade school children about the sin of slavery in the United States, is to avoid the significant fact that our founding fathers did not bring slavery to America. If one wants to pin...
  9. Litwin

    David Starkey has been criticised for saying slavery was not genocide because of the survival of "so many damn blacks".

    rude language, but David Starkey is 100% right , the black rulers sold their surplus population , exporting away social and economical problems " Africans played a direct role in the slave trade, selling their captives or prisoners of war to European buyers.[22] The prisoners and captives who...
  10. georgephillip

    Marx Fought for Freedom

    How did Karl Marx view the exchange value of human slavery? Karl Marx Fought for Freedom "Marx did not view the large-scale enslavement of Africans by Europeans, which began in the early sixteenth century in the Caribbean, as a repeat of Roman or Arab slavery, but as something new. "It...
  11. Litwin

    why the western medias don't rapport about USSR´s slavery ? White Sea Baltic Canal Disaster

    why the western medias don't rapport about Marxist Muscovite USSR´s slavery ? White Sea Baltic Canal Disaster pure hell pure slavery :
  12. ding

    Racial divide in America

    As much as I would like to blame the Democratic Party as the root cause of racial divide in America, it’s actually the fault of the British. Democrats just perpetuated the racial divide from the 1820’s until the 1960’s.
  13. justinacolmena

    Social Justice Warriors at the Department of Justice

    Amended Definition of “Adjudicated as a Mental Defective” and “Committed to a Mental Institution” (2010R-21P) 18 U.S. Code § 922 - Unlawful acts Not only does this violate the Second Amendment, but it violates the Thirteenth Amendment as well, because an adjudication as a mental defective...
  14. georgephillip

    Marx and the Dutch East India Capitalism

    Any economic system dependent upon unpaid labor (slavery) for its first century of "success" in the US should settle the question of profits over people, but obviously ignorance is bliss for many 21st Century consumers MR Online | Marx and the Dutch East India Company "In the final part of...
  15. Octoldit

    White House petition demands Nancy Pelosi be removed for treason

    By Joe Newby - January 30, 2019 A petition posted to the White House “We the People” website demands that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., be removed from office for treason over her refusal to provide the necessary security on the southern border. The petition, which can be seen here...
  16. toobfreak

    Are You Supporting Institutionalized Forced Slavery? Look Close, You Probably Are.

    This is less about racism and more about slavery, real, actual slavery, not the kind that Blacks so often whine about happening to their great, great, great grand-fathers . . . maybe. I kinda turn a deaf ear to Blacks calling for reparations who have never known slavery and hold one of the...
  17. The Original Tree

    Russia, Radical Islam Behind Caravans: The Monroe Doctrine & War on The American Continent

    Friends, Enemies, Allies and Haters of America: There will be a war on The American Continent within 20 Years. I read a lot of International Newspapers, and am involved in multiple discussion groups, and do a lot of research. Russia wants a military foothold and alliances in Latin America...
  18. AveryJarhman

    Hotep Jesus Talks Trump, Obama, Liberal Mental Illness, C**ns, Hate, Love

    #TheLargerIssue #Fatherlessness #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #SOLUTIONS Hotep Jesus Talks Trump, Obama, Liberal Mental Illness, C**ns, Hate, Love During this conversation American citizen Hotep Jesus, aka Ali Shakur, shares his thoughts and opinions about race relations in the...
  19. AveryJarhman

    "Apocalypse - Stalin Documentary"

    #TheLargerIssue #Fatherlessness #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #Solutions Hard to believe a few seriously warped individuals were able to convicne others to support and engage in this type of violence and human dysfunction. "Apocalypse - Stalin Documentary" Wiki reports: Stalin was...
  20. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Bizarre and Stupid Kanye West:Black Man says Repeal The 13th Amendment

    This is over the top stupid and bizarre, but hey what do you expect? He is a Trump supporter. His reasoning...… the 13th Amendment abolished slavery excepted for the forced labor of prisoners which is a valid concern . Not only is it inhumane but because doing so would force the states to...
  21. NewsVine_Mariyam

    The city of Charleston South Carolina formally apologizes for its role in slavery

    Charleston formally apologizes for its role in slavery A southern city is formally apologizing for its dark past. Charleston, South Carolina, has approved a resolution that condemns and apologizes for the centuries of human slavery that were supported and promoted by its former lawmakers. The...
  22. P@triot

    The progressive pursuit of slavery

    As history has well documented, the Democrats fought to keep slavery during the Civil War. After losing, they refused to accept that they couldn't force another human being to labor for them. So they turned to tools like Social Security, welfare, Medicaid, etc. to get government to take the...
  23. T

    Perverse Reverse Racism?

    This music video was released yesterday and came across my feed. Video depicts a black Rapper with what appear to be white slaves, butlers and maids in the background while he "sings" about how he is "the man." There is even a scene of him preaching to a group of these slaves. Thoughts?
  24. toobfreak

    J. Marion Sims: Pioneer of Medical Science Now Erased From History BY History

    J. Marion Sims, often called The Father Of Modern Gynecology---- how many women's lives has he saved by his pioneering work? So much so that they erected a statue to him in Central Park where it has stood for ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS --- --- --- now gone. Why? Not just a general...
  25. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Africans are selling other Africans into slavery in Libya

    Migrants trying to reach Europe sold as slaves in Libya | Daily Mail Online Migrants and refugees are being sold as slaves by human traffickers in Libya for as little as a few hundred pounds, a shocking report has found. Thousands of migrants still arrive in Libya, many from sub-Saharan...
  26. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Democrat celebrity, Ben Affleck, dubbed "Buttman" after more groping allegations surface

    Ben Affleck dubbed 'Buttman' as more groping allegations emerge Ben Affleck has become the subject of shame and mockery after more allegations of groping emerged this week. Affleck, who is about to appear as Batman for the second time in DC's big-budget superhero film Justice League, has been...
  27. AveryJarhman

    Modern Liberalism’s False Obsession With Civil War Monuments

    Modern Liberalism’s False Obsession With Civil War Monuments I agree with the facts presented in this writing. The only criticism I have is reading the author describe our American neighbors as "black" and/or "white", instead of referring to American citizens as "black Americans", "white...

    Perhaps a difference in education? [Civil War Monuments]

    I went to an international school in an oil rich third world muslim country. What we were taught about the civil war mustve been different than kids domestically in highschool. My teacher was an australian and alot of international kids received the same education about slavery and the civil war...
  29. The Original Tree

    Fox News To Ask Juan Williams To Resign?

    I used to defend the guy because at one time he was a reasonable dissenting opinion, but he's an Ass and now a pure Partisan Trump Hater! And now this surfaces. His ancestors were Slave owners and fought for The Confederacy! Walter Williams (centenarian) - Wikipedia Oh and he wears Lee Jeans.
  30. AsianTrumpSupporter

    How do liberals feel about Clinton's mentor, J. William Fulbright (klansman and segregationist)?

    Race and Party Politics, Part II – Senator Fullbright and Justice Black | The Other Half of History J. William Fulbright: Enemy of Joseph McCarthy and Equal Rights Fulbright was certainly no “ally” of black Americans. Bitterly racist, he fought to protect the Jim Crow laws that denied black...

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