1. J

    QUESTION: Why are protestors in NYC upset with Israel?

    Why are protestors in NYC and around the world upset with Israel trying to crush Hamas, who has enslaved Palestinian women? SEE: Women need male guardian to travel, says Hamas court in Gaza Strip From the article: Do all those females, protesting against Israel in NYC, support women being...
  2. Litwin

    31 JAN 2021 Anti - Putin Protests. "Putin calls pro-Navalny marches illegal". Daily Updates

    protests online so guys 31 JAN 2021 Anti - Putin Protests. whats gonna happened today ? bunker´s grandad is scared its for sure....
  3. TheHardTruth

    Defund the Police? How about Defund Professional Sports?

    Hey “Professional athletes”….Shut up and do your job. Your job, for which you are paid VERY WELL, no, let me rephrase that….for which you are OVER PAID, is to play the sport you were hired to play. Yes, that’s right, you were HIRED to play a sport. Not to protest societal issues. You are paid by...
  4. toobfreak

    Official Stats on Those Aweful Police Inciting Violence

    Let's take a look at just what the police have suffered so far at the hands of these "peaceful communist protesters." You have to wonder how all this can happen as a result of a bunch of people who are so PEACEFUL! The riots across the country over the last several days have resulted in...
  5. toobfreak

    I Thought These Were Peaceful "Protests!"

    You have a right to protest, it is a peaceful but restricted process. You do so in certain places in certain ways. YOU DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TO RIOT. The Left and Blacks have made a particular point to DEFEND these protests as a racial and human rights issue! But if these are only protests, and...
  6. Marion Morrison

    It's not looking good in Hong Kong

    Just in case y'all didn't know, almost all of Hong Kong is protesting a new Chinese extradition treaty. Their president Xi is massing troops near the border.. " Protests are like ‘colour revolution’ threatening Hong Kong with abyss, top Beijing official warns amid ‘worst crisis since 1997...
  7. Marion Morrison

    Marion Predicts Tomorrow's News

    That's right! :coffee: And in the headlines tomorrow: "Outraged Protestors Demand Mueller Report, Nationwide Protests Rage!" How do I know this you ask? Because the leftist MSM will hype this crap. Lovely huh? "People everywhere are angry and protesting" Throwing a tantrum is more like...

    Sudan: People still see the crisis as economic, not political, Poll

    Expert suggests government lift subsidies; pay “Shock Allowance” to survive the crisis. Khartoum: MC-Media Reports It seems that President Omar Al-Basher and the Sudanese government will be able to pass the strongest protests in its history if hard economic decisions are taken. The wave started...
  9. 6915THESS

    Iran’s government says they have halted protests by blocking Internet

    I wonder what the end result will be. Iran's most senior clerics stated on Friday during prayer, led by Iran’s Ayatollah, that they have effectively halted the protests that have plagued the nation for the eighth day by blocking social media internet access. While the Iranian’s leadership...
  10. Markle

    What will it finally take to have ANTIFA designated as a terrorist group?

    What will it finally take to have ANTIFA designated as a terrorist group? Should Black Lives be added to the list as well or do we continue to have our rights stolen?
  11. Chuz Life

    I don't "get" the whole race tension thing.

    I don't "get" the whole race tension thing. It's not because of shock, disbelief or even apathy. I can't explain it but even though I can comprehend all the working components - the rallies, riots, tensions and flare ups still make no sense to me at all. Is anyone with me on this?
  12. HaShev

    Proof Resist doesn't respect the Justice System either

    We know Resist doesn't respect democracy and rights of the electorate, but now they give us undeniable proof they also do not respect our justice system and think their rights and opinions are better then judge and jury and our system of justice. Basically that's arrogantly fascist. Proof in...
  13. Y

    Russian protests and riots Sunday 3/26/2017

    Protests and rioting have broken out in Russia today (Sunday 3/26/2017). It seems that Putin is losing his grip. Riot cops crack down on protesters furious about corrupt politicians in Moscow
  14. Motti

    Is Trump Ready for the Great 'American Spring' Offensive?

    All the fake news, Russian insinuations, pussy hat marches and troll templates have been strategically pre-positioned. Even former President Barack Obama has set up a command centre in the disproportionately white Kalorama neighborhood in Washington DC in order to lead a promised rebellion of...
  15. Fueri

    March on Washington to Protest the Inauguration? Think Again Butthurtees

    Women's March on Washington Barred From Lincoln Memorial "According to The Guardian, the National Park Service, on behalf of the Presidential Inauguration Committee, has blocked access to the landmark by filing a “massive omnibus blocking permit.” This will bar protesters from most of the...
  16. American_Jihad

    The Left’s Orwellian Tactics

    The Left’s Orwellian Tactics Yearnings for a thugocracy. November 15, 2016 Michael Cutler ... The Democratic Party, however, is additionally motivated to oppose commonsense measures to secure our nation’s borders and enforce our nation’s immigration laws, seeing in a flood of Third World...
  17. American_Jihad

    The agenda to Make America Mexico Again

    The left is going to hate this thread, they might even move it... The Real Flag Issue The agenda to 'Make America Mexico Again.' May 6, 2016 Lloyd Billingsley Last year, South Carolina’s Republican Governor Nikki Haley signed a bill to remove the Confederate battle flag from the grounds...
  18. P@triot

    Progressive Student: "I'm Scared My Peers Have Gone off the Deep End in Killing Free Speech"

    With each passing day, the left has become more fascist and more violent. Conservatives have peacefully put up with the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid reign of terror for almost 8 years. No riots in the streets. No violence. And yet when Donald Trump simply runs for political office, the left turns to...
  19. American_Jihad

    Arrest the Thugs

    Bring out that sound blaster and make them deaf. How come the southern poverty law center don't rate these groups as left wing terrorist, Oh that's right SPLC is a radical left wing hive... ... Arrest the Thugs The Left’s bullies cannot be allowed to hijack freedom of speech for an entire...

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