1. TDontTouchMyCigars

    Deal of the century: Israeli Arabs Cities might become part of the PLO state

    After years of 'Apartheid', after 2000 October riots, Finally the Arabs will have their opportunity to become a part of the Palestinian state. Meanwhile, Arab citizens in Israel: We will die and won't become Palestinian citizens, we are Israelis Arabs don't want to live under Muslim state...
  2. Litwin

    REVEALED: Trump's 'deal of the century' map for a future Palestine, Israel

    Trump farted publicly in water again , i don't see how Palestinian elites could it (withóut eastern Jerusalem) sell to Palestinians and the muslim world . but I guess his buddy vova putler blessed Trump's 'deal of the century' and this is only important for the red clown REVEALED: Trump's...
  3. Street Juice

    Yes, BDS should be supported on humanitarian grounds

    The most disappointing aspect of Donald Trump is his acquiescence in the Palestinian genocide and Israels crime against humanity. Recent events have shone a spotlight not only on how Israel is intensifying its abuse of Palestinians under its rule, but the utterly depraved complicity of western...
  4. georgephillip

    AOC Proposes Cutting US Aid to Israel

    US Congresswoman proposes cutting Israel aid "US Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has proposed the US cut military and economic aid worth $3 billion a year from Israel in response to the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister...." "Ocasio-Cortez’s view on Israel and...
  5. toobfreak

    What You'll Never See..... Palestine Agree To Something

    Kind of a convoluted plot to my final thought, but when I read this article, it made me think of the constant fighting between Israel and Palestine, but since the story isn't actually ABOUT those two countries, I posted it here. But it brings me back to what I often wonder, that despite decades...
  6. Weatherman2020

    Trump to Recognize Jerusalem As Capital of Israel Wednesday

    More proof of Trump's anti-Semitism. Trump to recognize Jerusalem the capital of Israel on Wednesday
  7. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Liberal, Chicago activist immigrant failed to disclose prior convictions for fatal bombings

    Chicago activist loses US citizenship, will be deported DETROIT (AP) — An activist known for helping Arab women in the Chicago area lost her U.S. citizenship Thursday and will be deported for failing to disclose convictions for bombings in Jerusalem decades ago. Rasmea Odeh was interrupted...
  8. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Thom Yorke of Radiohead refuses to give in to socialist demands to boycott Tel Aviv show

    Radiohead's Thom Yorke Calls Pro-Palestinian Protesters 'Some F-cking People' TEL AVIV – Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke on Friday flipped his middle finger at a group of pro-Palestinian protesters at a gig in Glasgow, Scotland who were calling for the band to cancel its upcoming gig in Tel Aviv...
  9. S

    Trump- can he broker an Israeli/Palestine agreement?

    One of my bigger frustrations with President Obama is that he did little to try to address the Israeli/Palestine debacle. Trump has announced that he is going to make such a deal happen- and I applaud his intentions- and I hope he succeeds. Perhaps Trump is the person to broker such a deal. I...
  10. P@triot

    Setting the record straight yet again

    The left has created a false narrative about Israel as they have about everything else. Israel has done everything in their power to create peace with Palestine. They have shown tremendous restraint, tremendous forgiveness, and made tremendous offers. All have been rejected by the muslims just...
  11. American_Jihad

    The End of Palestine

    With Trump's help end of palestine is possible... The End of Palestine Israel has the opportunity to reclaim its nation. February 16, 2017 Daniel Greenfield Palestine is many things. A Roman name and a Cold War lie. Mostly it’s a justification for killing Jews. Palestine was an old...
  12. anotherlife

    Israel - Palestine, one state solution?

    Jimmy Carter's one state solution is frequently dismissed and ridiculed. But it may be the only solution. In a two state solution, we divide land between an intermixed population of Muslims and Jews, so it is bound to end up unfair to at least one of them. The one state solution avoids...
  13. D

    Two states solution is not working.

    After 2 decades of failure of the Oslo process to achieve the so called two states solution its time to realize that its not working and we need to change our plan. I am open to different ideas, Anything but the Oslo process! The Oslo process for two state solution is the politically correct...
  14. American_Jihad

    The Marriage of Black Lives Matter & Jew Hatred

    Notice all left wing ilk come out during an election year, to bad were not in the middle east... The Marriage of Black Lives Matter & Jew Hatred How BLM and anti-Israel activists found common cause. March 15, 2016 John Perazzo The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement's welcoming embrace of the...
  15. G

    If Jews have rights to Israel because of history, do American Indians have rights to America...?

    If Jews have rights to Israel because of history, do American Indians have rights to America because of history?
  16. American_Jihad

    Jewish Students vs Palestinian/Leftist Propaganda

    Leave it to the left to indoctrinate everyone with their deviousness and sinisterism ... Open Hillel Welcomes the Enemy into the Jewish Tent Israel-hating academics want to force Palestinianism down Jewish students’ throats. Winston Churchill could have been observing the sorry state of...
  17. Anonymous1977

    Acts 10:34-35; if "God does NOT show favoritism," why do some Christians?

    My other thread about this issue in the Palestine - Israel conflict was closed because the OP didn't plainly state what I meant in citing this Scripture, but if the New Testament in the Bible says that "God does not show favoritism" — and it does say that — why do some Christians continue to...
  18. Anonymous1977

    Re: Thoughts on [Israel and Palestine] conflict?

    My thoughts: I'm an Agnostic but this is Acts 10:34-35, NIV Bible: Acts 10:34-35, NIV (34)Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism (35)but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right." -
  19. A

    Hamas-Israel Deal: Who Benefits?

    Hamas-Israel Deal: Who Benefits? According to multiple news sources, including Haaretz andJPost, Hamas and Israel are currently in the process of solidifying a deal that would end the closure (also known as the blockade) in exchange for an eight-year cease-fire, return of prisoners and halt to...

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