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obama birth certificate

  1. washamericom

    obama birth certificate: origin of the birther species

    we know the name birther had to have come after 911. while looking back through the story, i'm reminded that no one has pinned the origin of the birther movement. Remarkably, it just so happened to coincide with the meteoric rise of a man named Barack Obama who currently sits in the People's...
  2. washamericom

    obama birth certificate, revisiting the story of O

    the digital long form is a put together pdf. passports erased, stories made up, a swirl of controversy that has never been settled. but in a way, we defined natural born, something the supreme court never did. but the volumes of information remain. and the question why the forgery and the...
  3. washamericom

    obama birth certificate: more investigation request

    fake life obama... REQUESTS “COMPREHENSIVE INVESTIGATION” What are Obama’s true “roots?” Attorney General Jeff Sessions May 30, 2017 U.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20530 Dear AG Sessions I am a retired Special Agent, senior criminal investigator with...
  4. washamericom

    obama birth certificate: good video...

    every time i watch this i try to figure the odds of random things like this grouping possible.
  5. washamericom

    obama birth certificate even newer analysis (3/11/17)

    this is really worth watching.
  6. washamericom

    obama birth certificate: hillary revives the birther issue again in late october ! !

    i'm really surprised but here it is: A timeline of Donald Trump’s birther conspiracy theory about President Obama she's soliciting money from it too... this is
  7. washamericom

    obama birth certificate: obama's brother may have/bring some news...

    NY Post: Obama's Half-Brother to Be Trump's Guest at Debate Newsmax‎ - 23 hours ago Malik Obama, who was born in Kenya but is now an American citizen living in Washington, told Page Six of The New York Post ... Did Barry lose his original birth certificate?More news for malik obama birth...
  8. rightwinger

    Looks like Trump owes Obama $5 million

    Will he pay or will he welch on his offer? Trump technically owes Obama a $5 million donation now In 2012, Trump offered Obama $5 million for documentation supporting his birth. Obama provided his birth certificate and Trump today admitted it was true .
  9. washamericom

    obama birth certificate: this one goes to eleven...

    these are eleven Trumpisms about obama's birth certificate. theses are all plausible still in the timeline of the birther story. i think it's smart not to talk about it till obama's gone from office. then, who knows. it will all come out someday. i'd bet the farm that it will be back in the...
  10. washamericom

    Pence weighs in on obama birth certificate

    Trump knows a lot about obama's provenance, and he still has doubts, so do i. when people actually look into it they see the doubt, otherwise they go along. that's fine, in another few months it will be a question of/for history. Pence Is No Birther, Says Obama Was Born in Hawaii -...
  11. washamericom

    obama birth certificate: back in the news by hillary...

    this won't go away until obama answers the birthers' questions. also there is the draft registration: and i've heard some people poking around Trump's eligibility draft status (viet nam), so here's the clinton's story as well. While Clinton was a student at Oxford, he was drafted and...
  12. washamericom

    obama birth certificate: copy of "Dreams" hits birthersphere...

    this effects the elction, hillary is tied into this too. and you will remember that Trump brought it to the political arena... The draft was obtained from Obama’s brother and former best man Malik Obama. Written notes and sticky notes all over the pages indicate large portions of the book were...
  13. washamericom

    obama birth certificate is still missing.

    how come everybody let's it go ?? we've had so much strange dancing around this issue ... at the very least it's one of the greatest conspiracies ever.
  14. washamericom

    Did Obama dodge the questions about his birth certificate as much as Hillary is dodging the question

    Did Obama dodge the questions about his birth certificate as much as Hillary is dodging the questions about these transcripts? I'm starting to see a different kind of parallel to the 2008 election but I wasn't actively keeping up with it back then so I'm not sure if it's quite so similar. If...
  15. washamericom

    bernie just called me racist just for being a birther

    i don't care, i wasn't voting for him any way, the majority of liberal vermonters will. he's just like all the other politicians now. he glosses things over, and misquotes people i think intentionally. anyway i think he's getting confused and tired. he buys the climate change hoax totally, and...
  16. washamericom

    then who Can't, be President ??

    let's try this from a different angle. Cruz for example was born in a foreign country to one America citizen, his mother. so who can't be president ?, cause i'd like to know, and how it ties into the constitution proclaiming natural born, and a grandfather clause for those who couldn't qualify...
  17. washamericom

    ted cruz burned by the fires he stoked, birther style.

    Ted Cruz gets burned by the birther fires he stoked built a fire under his own ass, heh, politicians do that. there would be enough time for the supremes to define natural born, they are a cycle late and an election short. rubio's parents weren't citizens at the time of his birth, but we have...
  18. washamericom

    trump to help honor birther joe farah

    Trump To Speak At Event Honoring Birther Publisher Joseph Farah SUBMITTED BY Miranda Blue on Tuesday, 12/29/2015 10:20 am Donald Trump may not spend as much time talking about President Obama’s birth certificate now that he’s the Republican presidential frontrunner, but that doesn’t meant that...
  19. washamericom

    Lindsey Graham: Trump Leading Because 40% Of GOP Voters Think Obama Is Kenyan Muslim

    Lindsey Graham: Trump Leading Because 40% Of GOP Voters Think Obama Is Kenyan Muslim Buzzfeed ^ Posted on 12/11/2015, 9:02:31 AM by springwater13 South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said his presidential opponent Donald Trump is leading in the polls because nearly half of Republican primary...
  20. washamericom

    obama birth certificate: obots care to comment ??

    there is so much information coming in, i was just wondering if the obots care to comment on this subject. it explores the ties of the chicago circle. is the information in this article right ? tell me where it's wrong. we know that rich kid bill ayer's specialty was forged birth certificates...
  21. washamericom

    de Vattel the swiss philosopher, obots & anchor babies

    Emer de Vattel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jefferson is actually citing two different sources. The first is Emer de Vattel, the Swiss philosopher, diplomat and jurist from his preeminent masterpiece Le Droit des gens; ou, Principes de la loi naturelle appliqués à la conduite et aux...

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