1. S

    When should Trump be sentenced?

    When should Trump be sentenced? Posted within a different political internet forum; When to announce the NY criminal case sentencing of Donald Trump? Respectfully, Supposn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Stealers Wheel & Mambo Dervish, you both share my opinion, (not a fact)...
  2. S

    Trump's sentencing.

    Regarding my opinion of ex-president Donald Trump, I consider his performance during and after he served as president to be inferior to most, (if not all others), and to be superior to no others who ever served as president of the United States. Some, if not all of the NY criminal crimes that...
  3. FDR_Reagan

    Haley or DeSantis, who'll win 2nd?

    Iowa Caucuses.. Who will get 2nd place, at GOP, after Trump, today in Iowa?
  4. Pastelli

    Latest poll: Trump lead over Biden Question: 1. Will the Dems. now nominate an alternative to Biden? 2. Does DeSantis have a chance?
  5. T

    Fox News guest predicts on Tucker Carlson's show that GOP will "pick a fascist" to lead the party

    Fox News guest predicts on Tucker Carlson's show that GOP will "pick a fascist" to lead the party Damn. The paint is fading on the bullshit 'anti-fascism' facade the Qult45 has tried to promote for five years to anyone that would listen. I'm going to surmise the site's fascists will dive on...
  6. J

    Democrats claim election fraud in N.Y. , charge Trump with sedition for doing same

    . Well, here it is folks, the Democrat Leadership can claim election fraud in 2020 election, but impeach Trump for daring to make similar claim. SEE: Guess How Democrats Contested This Close Election in New York? Feb 06, 2021 "Democrats claim an election may have been stolen, that voting...
  7. J

    PA law makers move to end illegal no-excuse mail in voting which poisoned 2020 election

    . See: Pennsylvania GOP Moves to Repeal No-Excuse Mail-In Ballot Provisions January 22, 2021 Sens. Patrick Stefano and Doug Mastriano said in a Jan. 21 memorandum, “By removing the provisions of law that allow for no-excuse mail-in ballots, we can regain some trust in our elections’...
  8. C

    What are Trump's next moves?

    Should Trump create The Patriot Party of reform the GOP? There are obvious pros and cons of each side.
  9. The Original Tree

    Strange & Alarming that the GOP held The Senate and gained 7 seats in the house while....

    The Democrat Party in Democrat States work Feverishly to defraud America of 4 more years of Donald J Trump as President! When it is all over, it looks like we pick up a minimum of 7 seats, and by God's grace, more. Amid a wild and crazy Election Night, one trend that many observers who were...
  10. Chuz Life

    POLL: One Big Reason That Trump Was Elected

    This is a simple poll to make a relevant political point. In the 2016 Presidential Election, one of the primary reasons that Trump voters voted for Trump over Hillary was to DENY Hillary the chance to nominate any Supreme Court justices. Trump won the election. It would be a betrayal of HIS...
  11. deanrd

    Jeff sessions is standing up to Donald Trump, can you believe it?

    “Look, I know your anger, but recusal was required by law. I did my duty & you're damn fortunate I did. It protected the rule of law & resulted in your exoneration. Your personal feelings don't dictate who Alabama picks as their senator, the people of Alabama do,” Sessions tweeted late Friday...
  12. The Original Tree

    Record Number of GOP Candidates Run for Senate and House in Shampeachment Socialism Boomerang

    Dear Democrats: America Hates you. You Brought This on Yourself. Republican revenge: Record GOP field forms, on 2020 mission to take down ‘socialists’ A record number of candidates have filed to run for office in the House and Senate, breaking last cycle’s history-making numbers from the...
  13. JGalt

    Republican Party Raises Record $23.5 Million in August

    Who says we can't buy the next election? Money talks, bullshit walks. Take a hike, Democrats. "The Republican National Committee (RNC) is expected to announce this week that it raised a record-setting $23.5 million in August and had $53.8 million cash on hand as of the end of that month --...
  14. MindWars

    GOP Lawmaker Wants To End Higher Education To ‘Save America’ From Liberals

    Tennessee lawmaker Kerry Roberts calls for removal of higher education | NASHVILLE — A Republican Tennessee lawmaker says he supports getting rid of higher education because he argues it would cut off the “liberal breeding ground.” They should remove it , this has been nothing...
  15. The Original Tree

    Trump - GOP May Sweep The 2020 Elections

    Well, America Woke up and decided they did not like being lied to for 3 years, and they liked it even less, when The Obama Government was in on the lie, colluded with The Media and Hollywood to Demonize a duly elected president, and seek to overturn the 2016 election through the use of Russian...
  16. deanrd

    NRA Message? We need to bring the KKK to "Thomas and Friends" to promote diversity?

    I know that the NRA has gone off the rails in recent years. But they actually put this together showing KKK hoods on trains riding on burning tracks. I'm not sure if they are mocking diversity or insisting the KKK and White Nationalists should be added to promote further diversity. Wasn't...
  17. NewsVine_Mariyam

    GOP's anti-Muslim display likening Rep. Omar to a terrorist rocks W. Virginia capitol

    Let's see, yesterday someone made the statement here that America is not a racist country (it is a country with undeniably white supremacist origins), there are several individuals here that insists that racism no longer exists in U.S., one of whom believes this presumably because he claims...
  18. deanrd

    Is the disastrous GOP Foxconn deal what sunk the Amazon deal?

    Is the disastrous GOP Foxconn deal what sunk the Amazon deal? This 1 number sums up why that Foxconn deal is over-the-top bad for Wisconsin Every day the failed Amazon deal gets bigger and worse according to Republicans. First it was 20,000 jobs and then 25,000 jobs and who knows how many...
  19. deanrd

    Terrorists slipped across the US border with explosives to blow up LA Airport

    They crossed the US border with explosives (CNN)Ahmed Ressam had a bomb in the spare tire well of his car when authorities arrested him. He planned to attack the Los Angeles airport. Walid Kabbani was walking along a train track in Vermont with explosives in his bag when police intercepted...
  20. deanrd

    Trump wants to pull U.S. out of NATO

    Trump wants to pull U.S. out of NATO: NYT President Donald Trump has discussed pulling the United States out of NATO — a move that, if executed, would diminish America's world stature and embolden Russia to make advances against Europe, according to a new New York Times report. "Senior...
  21. deanrd

    Any dispute that Republicans had control of the ENTIRE government for the the last two years?

    Republicans had control of the entire government for the last two years. They passed tax cuts for the rich without even putting it up for debate. Democrats didn't even know what was being passed into law because the document wasn't available for review or public scrutiny. They even placed...
  22. deanrd

    Republicans, Trump feel we don't breathe enough Mercury. We NEED more!

    Trump EPA Says Mercury Limits On Coal Plants Too Costly, Not 'Necessary' When coal is burned it releases mercury into the air, where it can cause health risks to people including neurological disorders, heart and lung problems and compromised immune systems. Babies developing in the womb and...
  23. deanrd

    Remember when Republicans tried to paint Michelle Obama as a "terrorist"?

    Remember this? What's funny is that the picture of Bin Laden to the right. Remember, it was Obama who took Bin Laden down. After Republicans stopped looking for him and disbanded the CIA unit tasked with finding him. A unit President Obama started up shortly after he took office. For...
  24. deanrd

    For Republicans, the best thing to come out of the Midterms.

    Many Republican minorities and women were beaten in the midterms. What's left is 90% white men. Finally, a party that looks like it's base. Come on guys. Aren't you stoked?
  25. deanrd

    White woman running in Mississippi jokes about her black opponent and a public hanging

    Mississippi senator, whose runoff opponent is black, jokes about 'public hanging' White woman running in Mississippi jokes about her black opponent and a public hangings G that’s just too hilarious for words. Republicans talking about hanging black people. And they swear they’re not racist...
  26. deanrd

    What if Democrats decided NOT to investigate Trump and the Republicans and their crimes?

    I remember how angry many Democrats were at Obama when Democrats decided not to investigate George Bush after he tricked the nation into a fake war, costing thousands of American lives, trillions and trillions more into the future to take care of those tens of thousands injured in that fake war...
  27. deanrd

    Most illegals came through our airports. They are visa "overstays". Don't Republicans know that?

    Visa overstays outnumber illegal border crossings; trend likely to continue Crossing the border is not the way "the large majority of persons now become undocumented," the Center for Migration Studies(CMS) said in a recent report. Two-thirds of those who joined the undocumented population did...
  28. deanrd

    Red Tide Rick coming to the senate? Clean water in Florida costs money GOP unwilling to spend!

    Red-tide awakening: How Florida's environmental woes could hurt GOP's Scott in Senate race Karenia brevis algae bloom causes when inhaled. “You couldn’t breathe!”" “There were days when they were saying, ‘The water’s fine. The red tide is gone,’ and it was brown as poop out here,” Merlino told...
  29. Penelope

    White nationalists look to take over the GOP

    shouldn't be too hard, I mean take a look at the GOP, they have become disgusting, just like their leader. I mean not one stands up for anything and if they do they get attacked. What do they even stand for anymore? What- hatred of those unlike themselves. That is all I can think of. Also...
  30. DOTR

    Kavanaugh has enough votes

    Senator Daines, a Kavanaugh supporter, will be away for his daughter’s wedding the day of the vote. But he says he would come back “if needed”. Tells me they think they have the votes and so can let him leave. But if a problem arises he will fly back. Nice. I may yet get my dream...

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