1. YoursTruly

    Warning signs

    Everything now a days has warning labels and signs on on or near it. A lot of these are just the broke woke way of coddling people. Since Disney has decided to push the LGBT crap on us straight people, I think it's only proper that they warn everyone of their wokeness at the entrance of their...
  2. KoolKolt

    Los Angeles County bans travel to Florida

    My question is, how do they enforce it?
  3. J

    Government mandated COVID vaccination and the rule of law . . . strict scrutiny

    . I thought it would be interesting to discuss a government mandated vaccine and the rule of law. The fact is, legally speaking, any government mandated vaccine, in order to not violate personal protected rights guaranteed under our system of law, must meet a “strict scrutiny” standard so as...
  4. J

    judge tells COVID vaccine jabbers to put up or shut up

    See: DARRIS FRIEND V CITY OF GAINESVILLE . . . Case No. 01-2021-CA-2412 15. If the government fails to put on evidence of its compelling state interest, as the City failed to do here, the Court is not required to (and, in fact, cannot) make factual findings that the government has any...
  5. Lesh

    Covid cases on the rise in Florida

    So Florida is experiencing infections numbers higher than at any point in the pandemic and what does Governor Covid do? Simply stop reporting the numbers. Nope. No numbers for two days...after having to add eight HUNDRED deaths to the numbers they reported in July...
  6. J

    Gov. DeSantis leads way in Covid fight, creates mobile units delivering antibody treatment to patients

    . SEE: DeSantis creates mobile units to provide antibody treatments for COVID-19 AUG 12, 2021 ”Gov. Ron DeSantis revealed Thursday the creation of mobile rapid response units to deliver the COVID-19 antibody treatment Regeneron to Floridians at higher risk for the virus.” The article...
  7. TheHardTruth

    Mini Mike Bloomberg may be commiting a 3rd Degree Felony in Florida

    https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/22/politics/bloomberg-felon-florida-vote/index.html Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his political operation have raised more than $16 million from supporters and foundations over the last week to pay the court fines and fees for over 30,000 Black and...
  8. MarathonMike

    Donald Trump moves to Florida. Buh Bye chumps!

    BAHAHAHAHA! Too bad New York, wave Bye Bye to all hose luscious tax dollars. And with any luck many more will follow Trump's sensible move. Trump, Lifelong New Yorker, Declares Himself a Resident of Florida
  9. deanrd

    Donald Trump was banned from the USMB during the Florida Rally

    So I was watching the Trump rally in Florida and I was posting what Donald Trump was saying and was banned. Banned for posting Donald Trump's direct quotes. Here is a live stream of the rally and some of the direct quotes. Don't believe me. Watch for yourself. This is Trump at his base...
  10. NewsVine_Mariyam

    VIDEO [48 Hours]: Atomwaffen is a "group that we should absolutely be concerned about"

    Atomwaffen is a "group that we should absolutely be concerned about" - CBS News
  11. deanrd

    GOP election mess in Florida proves why GOP can’t run the government

    GOP election mess in Florida proves why GOP can’t run the government The governor of Florida is a Republican. The attorney general of Florida is a Republican. All the election people in charge in Florida are Republicans. And now they’re complaining about the election process? What has Rick...
  12. deanrd

    Former Felons in Florida finally get the vote. It's the "Christian" thing to do.

    It's the Christian thing to forgive. That's the line Republicans use to justify Trump. Only Trump's white. By 63%, felons can now vote in Florida. That's over 1.2 million new voters. And I'm talking just the African Americans. Republicans love to put black men in jail. Everyone knows...
  13. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Project Veritas exposes another lying, racist Democrat: Andrew Gillum

    Be sure to vote Republican in November.
  14. deanrd

    Trump, without a shred of evidence, is calling Andrew Gillam a thief.

    Trump, without a shred of evidence, is calling Andrew Gillum a thief Wow, can you believe it? Without a shred of evidence Donald Trump is calling the first black nominee for governor of Florida a thief. And this comes from a guy who refused to pay his workers after they did the work. A guy...
  15. deanrd

    Florida will the reason it's good to be known as the party of clean air and clean water.

    Fla. Residents Report Health Issues as Red Tide Stretches On The Harmful Algal Blooms in Florida - Ocean Conservancy The Republican leadership will always make the claim that clean air and clean water costs too much. And they are married to Flint. A town where it's possible 100,000 Americans...
  16. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Amend Florida's 'stand your ground' law, says lawyer for Markeis McGlockton's family

    Lawyer Benjamin Crump said Thursday that "it's still ludicrous" that a person can be an aggressor in a confrontation and then claim self-defense. by Erik Ortiz / Jul.26.2018 / 4:48 PM ET / Updated Jul.26.2018 / 5:57 PM ET McGlockton attorney speaks out against 'stand your ground'...
  17. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Florida Lynched More Black People Per Capita Than Any Other State, According to Report

    Florida Lynched More Black People Per Capita Than Any Other State, According to Report Reuben Stacy, a 37-year-old black man, hangs from a tree on Old Davie Road in Fort Lauderdale, blood trickling down his body and dripping off his toes. Behind him, a white girl, about 7 years old, looks on...
  18. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Jury Awards 4 Cents to Estate of Black Man Killed By Florida Deputy

    Jury awards 4 cents to estate of black man killed by Florida deputy Jurors in Fort Pierce determined last week that St. Lucie County Sheriff’s deputy Christopher Newman had not used excessive force when he shot Gregory Hill three times during a confrontation in 2014, and that Sheriff Ken...
  19. P

    Racism in Florida

    For more than the last decade in Florida, a Pamela Gellar-type union between white supremacists and anti-Muslim Jews has repeatedly threatened me, harassed me, and made multiple attempts to take my life (and make it look like an accident) by running me off the road with their vehicles, angering...
  20. MindWars

    Florida election officials busted for massive voter fraud

    Voters in Florida have reportedly been complaining that they aren’t receiving their absentee ballots they requested. Friday, it was revealed that Democrat insiders are filling out the absentee ballots themselves. Florida Election Officials Busted For Massive Voter Fraud Hillary obsessed nut...
  21. MindWars

    Caught , caught , oh caught again BREAKING: 2 Women In Florida Charged With Election Fraud…

    A 74-year-old woman tasked with opening envelopes sent by Miami-Dade County voters with their completed mail ballots was arrested Friday after co-workers caught her illegally marking ballots, resulting in an unknown — but small — number of fraudulent votes being cast for mayoral candidate Raquel...
  22. MindWars

    Early Voting In Florida Shows Trump Winning Election By Landslide

    Democratic stronghold Florida looks set to overwhelmingly vote in Donald Trump, with early ballot counts showing a Republican landslide win in the State. Early Voting In Florida Shows Trump Winning Election By Landslide – InvestmentWatch One side says he is winning, the other side says he's...
  23. Fiero425

    Unarmed Black Man Shot By Cop; Cop says "IDK why I shot you!"

    Cop Who Shot Unarmed Man Missed His Intended Target - http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/cop-who-shot-unarmed-man-missed-his-intended-target/ar-BBuEAQA?ocid=ansmsnnews11 - The North Miami cop who shot an unarmed man trying to calm a patient with autism was hit accidentally, police union...
  24. TheProgressivePatriot

    Time for a Jeb Bush Thread

    I thought that it is interesting and telling that there was no Jeb Bush thread in the politics forum. It’s seems that Trump, Carson and even Fiorina are getting all of the play. I realize that Bush is a “ho hum” candidate who is down in the polls but we should pay attention because all that can...

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