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  1. Obbop

    Indoctrinating youth with evil

    The video below tells of the USA-based Anti-defamation League efforts at disrupting USA society. Why do these anti-USA and anti-Western civilization groups do these horrid deeds? Is it to assist the New World Order taking full control of the USA? Watch the video for some provocative questions...
  2. badbob85037

    Only the Prepared Armed Citizen Can Defend the Republic Against Socialist, Communist, and Marxists

    To think the bumbling biden and harris are running the show isn't thinking at all. These handlers, Neoliberals Marxist democrats and the mindless 'Something for Nothings' that follow are on the fast track to change this nation to something I or my kids want no part of. Any American can see...
  3. ding

    Divine Providence

    The following are my beliefs which in part come from my faith. I believe in Divine Providence. Divine providence consists of the dispositions by which God guides all his creatures with wisdom and love to their ultimate end. Please feel free to discuss. Creation has its own goodness and proper...
  4. Bob Blaylock

    No More Lies: Exposing the Roots of Gender Ideology

    I really cannot add much to this article. It states things that ought to be obvious to every rational human mind, but which many, these days, are actively denying, preferring darkness over light, madness over reason, evil over good. The article expands on the following half-dozen points… No...
  5. NewsVine_Mariyam

    30 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With Someone Evil

    I've always considered the term evil to be prejudicial and therefore not a term to be used lightly however as I began reading the "warning signs" I began to recognize the described behavior in others. If the article is be believed, many of our politicians are "evil". 30 Warning Signs That You...
  6. ding

    Is the construct of good and evil an artifact of intelligence?

    Do you believe the construct of good and evil to be an artifact of intelligence?
  7. midcan5

    Hate / Evil

    "If hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world." Nikola Tesla "Between 5,000 and 7,000 hate crime incidents are reported each year to the FBI." AP "Evil when we are in its power is not felt as evil, but as necessity." Simone Weil Does hate create evil, does...
  8. deanrd

    He "wept with joy" when Donald Trump was elected president

    I was just watching the interview with Mr. Kellyanne Conway. He refers to himself that way. He said when Trump was elected he "wept with joy". At Trump's election and his wife's role. Now, two years later, he said he's changed his mind. He said he saw Trump as the "lessor of two evils"...
  9. ding

    Do atheists believe that everything in life must be perfect for a Creator to exist?

    Do atheists believe that everything in life must be perfect for a Creator to exist? I kind of think they do believe that. What do you say?
  10. deanrd

    Trump bemoans the lack of civility. Blames the media and Democrats for attacks on behavioral norms.

    I'm watching him on TV right now. Some Mexicans don't rape? A Mexican can't be a judge? The press is the enemy of the people. Lock her up. Democrats are evil. Body slam a reporter is a "good" thing. Trump "He's my kind of guy". Very fine people on both sides (with Nazi's being on one...
  11. ding

    So if God didn't create evil, why does God allow evil to exist?

    So if God didn't create evil, why does God allow evil to exist? No one really knows... Maybe because he is seeking certain outcomes under certain conditions. Or maybe the certain outcomes he is seeking can only be achieved through certain conditions. Or maybe good has no meaning if one is...
  12. ding

    Why did God create evil?

    The simple answer is that God didn't create evil. Everything God created is good. Evil is not extant. Evil doesn't exist in and of itself. Evil is the absence of good, just as cold is the absence of heat, and darkness is the absence of light.
  13. mlw

    Jordan Peterson's secular theology

    You have probably heard of Jordan B. Peterson, the YouTube star. He is presently engaged in a project of translating the bible to discursive thought. I have studied his ideas and find them exceedingly reductionistic. Read my review on below link. Critique of Jordan B. Peterson's Neo-Hegelian...
  14. Ancient lion

    They thought Jesus was GOD !

    Hello Everyone, Checkout this from the New Testament: They thought Jesus was thinking he was GOD. Here is how Jesus answered them: Matthew 9:3-8 3 Some teachers of the Law of Moses said to themselves, “Jesus must think he is God!” 4 But Jesus knew what was in their minds, and he said, “Why...
  15. P@triot

    George Soros: the quintessential progressive

    George Soros is the quintessential progressive. He hates America: He hates capitalism and embraces communism: He revels in collapsing economies and placing millions in poverty so that he can control everything: He deeply desires control over nations he is not a citizen of and he's a...
  16. E

    Is FACEBOOK evil?

    Is facebook evil? Bringing out our demons?
  17. ding

    What is the purpose of the universe?

    The purpose of the universe is to create beings that know and create. It is the nature of intelligence to create intelligence. As cold is the absence of heat and darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of good. We know from our own experiences that men do evil not for evil's sake...
  18. mlw

    The mystery of evil

    In view of the recent Orlando massacre, my article about evil nature is relevant. To acquire intellectual understanding helps against the anxiety caused by such events, if one is prepared to make an effort. Mysterium Iniquitatis -- The mystery of evil Abstract: Shadow projection, as the...
  19. anotherlife

    Have you been lenient with the communist recently?

    I think I have been too lenient with the communist. Not only did I engage in their discussions, but even allowed them to fool me into agreeing with them on a few things, only to realize that I am an idiot. I have to point out the evil core and evil nature of socialism and I have to show that...
  20. citizenal

    Is God An Idiot?

    In a recent poll, it was determined that approximately 25% of Christians think that it is a Christian obligation to help and support the State of Israel. Unfortunately, such a warped view of Christian responsibility, flies in the face of the New Covenant established by our Lord and Savior...
  21. anotherlife

    How evil are you?

    Okay, it's a cliche that people are basically evil. But let's check for a minute, why. Survival competition easily brings murder and loot, but how about fun? What makes you evil? I managed to collect the following causes. WEakness in a strong environment, not thinking about consequences...
  22. anotherlife

    Why do snake people apologize?

    Vladimir Lenin apologized for doing the evil of establishing the Soviet Union. Woodrow Wilson apologized for subjugating America to a FED. The president of Mexico apologized for pushing his country into unpayable national debt. Winston Churchill apologized for destabilizing Europe for a...

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