1. S

    A new variation of disease.

    As I was fearing a new COVID variation has come out. It is called CH.1.1. It is also called Orthus .I.6% case nationally .Thanks to The greedy tax cheating wealthy corporations not willing to sacrifice greedy profit with donating free vaccines to poor countries and your stubborn brown shirt...
  2. Bob Blaylock

    Angie was laughing before her ninth abortion. Then she saw the aborted baby…

    A young woman faces the reality of what abortion really is… [url unfurl=true][/url] A woman who laughed through nine abortions asked after her last one if she could look at the “tissue”...
  3. The Original Tree

    Americans Watching their 401Ks Evaporate Away under Joey BiDumb

    If you are lucky, you have your investments spread out and differentiated, but for many Americans, under the Faux Xiden Regime, their 401ks are taking major hits. Are we headed for a stock market economy crash? I believe the supply chain problems, COVID were planned to prepare the way for The...
  4. Litwin

    Time for EU/NATO to act against Barbarism of Moscow´s despots "Kremlin critic A. Navalny says, despite facing death threats, he’s returning to Moscow´

    Time for EU/NATO to act against Barbarism of Moscow´s despots "Kremlin critic A. Navalny says, despite facing death threats, he’s returning to Moscow´s empire on Sunday " we all know that Navalny will be killed by putin´s thugs, its clear for all of us that its time to act like we did many...
  5. Litwin

    question to Baron and others from his death Crew what do you see on this picture ?

    question to Baron and others from his death Crew what do you see on this picture ? .
  6. Bob Blaylock

    Ghislaine Maxwell Did Not Kill Herself.

    OK, so it's not a current event, yet. But when she turns up dead, and the official cause is suicide, feel free to quote me here. Ghislaine Maxwell did not kill herself.
  7. deanrd

    David Koch of the Koch brothers is dead

    David Koch of the Koch brothers is dead Come on people, be nice. My mother told me only speak good of the dead. And he’s dead...... David Koch, billionaire and conservative activist, dies at 79
  8. Litwin

    Niall Ferguson Comparing Marxism and Fascism

    MANY GREAT analysis from Niall Ferguson , what do you think about Niall Ferguson´s main points?
  9. deanrd

    Another so called "Christian" couple headed to prison for watching their child die in agony.

    A religious Oregon couple didn’t believe in medical care. After newborn’s death, they’re headed to prison. Tonsfeldt inspected Evelyn, he told the family the surviving child was “at medical risk” and must go to the hospital. He told the family twice. “Thank you for your input,” Walter White...
  10. Dan Stubbs

    How to tell when you are going to die.

    You can tell when you are going to die when your Doctor tells you that you could not survive the operation. This is the standard line that they use. I found this out by a friend who is a Doctor and a surgeon. I you are in that had of shape what difference does it make you days are numbered...
  11. Litwin

    Joseph Koba ( Stalin) : Created Worst Man-made Famine (Ukraine ) in History

    Finally, discovery has started something interesting and important
  12. Litwin

    Venezuelan families scavenge for food to survive hunger

    look like state - gasstations are getting worst and worst everyday , which nation will scavenge for food to survive hunger the next one? i think it will be Muscovites ( selfproclaimed in 19c. -"Russians") than Nigerians ... what do you think? do they have "kitchen run by the Catholic...
  13. American_Jihad

    The Challenge Of Modernizing Islam

    Their stuck in the 7th century, the moderates can't do anything because they're scared of radical Islam. Moderates might get their heads cut off... THE CHALLENGE OF MODERNIZING ISLAM Reformers speak out and the obstacles they face. July 18, 2017 Robert Spencer "This day I have perfected...
  14. edthecynic

    Limbaugh calls for a “battle to the death” against the media, The Democratic Party, academia and Hol

    Limbaugh calls for a “battle to the death” against the media, The Democratic Party, academia and Hollywood. Kill a Liberal for Jesus and make your MessiahRushie ecstatic. July 6, 2017 RUSH: That distinctive American culture which has given freedom its greatest repository and chance in the...
  15. R

    Donald Trump and the Fear of Death

    To varying degrees, everybody lives with a fear of death and, in one manner or another, attempts to deny death's finality. In the case of Donald Trump, all those steel and granite edifices emblazoned with his name have long struck me as evidence of a terror of extinction. Their presumed...
  16. Y

    Attended a funeral today

    I attended a funeral today for an 83 year old man who was/is a Freemason and a member of our fraternal lodge. He died last week. His wife and daughter and son asked our Masonic lodge to participate. He was a north German immigrant from after WW2 so he was Lutheran and so the memorial in the...
  17. Y

    5th Recent Surgery Just Finished

    I just got home and am now recovering from my 5th recent surgery. Since they (the surgeons) do these laparoscopically, they are minimally invasive and heal faster than open cuts as before. As usual, the last thing I remembered was talking to the anesthesiologist, and the next thing I remember...
  18. MindWars

    Breaking: FBI agent and his wife found deceased after he was suspected of leaking Hillary emails.

    Ok sorry guys this was an OOOPSIE post, appology for wasting your time coming to a blank post. and I have no idea how to delete a post =) We can turn this one into a free for all until a mod deletes I guess.
  19. MindWars

    WikiLeaks Director and founder of the Centre for Investigative Journalism Gavin MacFadyen has died.

    WikiLeaks Director Gavin MacFadyen Has Died, Publication Posts Tribute [Breaking] Bodies are dropping but the zombies won't connect the dots of all the journalist being killed as the Government labels them as committing SUICIDE!!! IT IS BULL SHIT!!!
  20. Divine Wind

    New York Daredevil dies during drunken subway surfing

    Play the odds and eventually they'll catch up to you. Play the odds drunk and something akin to this tragedy is more likely to happen. New York daredevil Instagrammer Christopher Serrano dies trying to surf a subway car drunk | Daily Mail Online A young daredevil photographer who amassed a...
  21. midcan5

    'A Protocol for Dying'

    People often act surprised when I tell them I want to know I am dying and have a bit of time before lights out. I have known religious people who fear death and I wonder why? If immortality is real then these people are set for a very long time. Of course nothing follows life, but consciousness...
  22. depotoo

    New Disturbing Nazi Death Camp Find

    To think it was hidden all these years. I guess most didn't feel comfortable exploring the forest nearby, with the history there. And they used the camp to test making soap from their victims fat?? This just makes me want to vomit- Forest outside Nazi death camp yields disturbing find...
  23. P

    Plane vs Ground (Video)

  24. P

    Car vs Tornado

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