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2020 election

  1. P@triot

    Progressive Propaganda: The Socialism Edition

    The only people who support socialism are the uneducated/ignorant who have never lived under it and never studied it. Educated/experienced people want no part of socialism. They understand it is a failed ideology...
  2. S

    Biden/Harris (or Harris/Biden) ticket

    Just found this site about 10 minutes ago, so this is my first ever post. My apologies if there is already an existing thread going over these same topics/arguments. Looking for someone to help me understand what makes both the Biden selection as nominee and his selection of Harris as VP either...
  3. P@triot

    Angela Stanton-King

    The entire left is already suffering from severe Trump Derangement Syndrome. Can you imagine if Angela Stanton-King defeats one of his biggest critics? You can expect lots and lots of violence from the left if that happens. Angela Stanton-King was pardoned by President Trump, now she's running...
  4. P@triot

    All roads from Russia lead directly to the Democrats

    Of course, the left will spend the next 100 years denying that Russia interfered on behalf of Bernie Sanders, just like they’ve spent the past 4 years denying that Russia had a massive campaign operation to help Hitlery Clinton get elected. Sanders excoriates Russia after being briefed on...
  5. P@triot

    The quintessential Democrat voter

    The Democrats need an ignorant (and thus dependent) electorate to stay in power and that’s exactly what they have created. This woman didn’t have a damn clue who she was supporting and she was shocked when she found out. To the point where she actually wanted to take back her vote. Iowa...
  6. JGalt

    Game Over, Dems: New Numbers on Black Voter Approval for Trump

    Remember when Donald Trump got 8% of the black vote in 2016 when he won? Remember when it was said that even 20% African-American support for Trump would all but dismantle Democratic Party presidential hopes for 2020? Remember how Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election with 88 percent of the...
  7. JGalt

    Biden's pretty much washed up, next up: Elizabeth Warren

    President Trump sure did a number on Biden's campaign. It makes you wonder what he has in store for her. I would guess that she'd be far more easy to denigrate than Biden was, and I'm pretty sure she has more skeletons in her closet than we know about. "Joe Biden’s poll numbers are crumbling in...
  8. JGalt

    Trump campaign & RNC raised $125 million in the 3rd quarter

    $125M raised combined, $156M cash on hand, and $308M raised year to date. To put this into perspective, that's twice as much cash on hand as Obama had at the same point in 2011. John McCain raised only about $60 million for his entire presidential campaign, primaries and general elections...
  9. P@triot

    The Catalina Lauf campaign

    Note the difference in language and demeanor. While Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar spread hate, promote violence, and spaz out like toddler’s throwing tantrums, Catalina Lauf shows leadership by being a composed uniter. Meet Catalina Lauf, the young Republican...
  10. P@triot

    The Kamala Harris campaign

    She's openly campaigning on abusing power and violating the U.S. Constitution. Tells you just how radicalized the left has become. Kamala Harris wants to use executive action for gun control if she is elected president
  11. P@triot

    The Pocahontas campaign

    She is such a fraud and a piece of shit. A power-hungry pathological liar. She's like a poor man's version of Hitlery Clinton. I never cease to marvel at how dumb the mindless minions on the left are. The Corporate Executives Elizabeth Warren Likes
  12. P@triot

    Danielle Stella

    I have a new favorite candidate - Danielle Stella. Let's make sure we get this super-star elected to Congress. GOP Challenger To Ilhan Omar Drops Hammer: ‘Unlike you, I denounce terrorist organizations’
  13. MarcChamot

    Dems polls may have Mr. Magoo beating Trump. Question to conservatives. Have they contacted you?

    Ridiculous polls just came out that most Democrats running, including this Hate American Megan Rabidnoe can beat Trump in 2020. What's even more interesting, many of my friends at a restaurant and pro-Trump customers in business, and including myself, have never been contacted by any pollsters...
  14. P@triot

    No surprise here

    1. Conservatives are exponentially more informed than their counterparts on the left (who are too busy “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s” and other “pop-culture” nonsense to take the time to make themselves an informed voter) 2. CNN has an abysmal record for reporting. Of the so-called...
  15. toobfreak

    The Official 2020 Democratic Candidate Scoreboard Thread

    Here is the place to rate the 24 candidates now running for White House and to run against Donald Trump. I don't expect there will be any more. Vote for your favorite and tell us why you think they can run the country, lead the world, and be a better candidate than Trump! Here is my latest...
  16. P@triot

    The Biden Campaign

    Considering that: A. The American people recognize Barack Obama as the worst president of the modern era and B. That Hitlery Clinton got her ass handed to her in a HUGE way by President Trump one would think that the left would want to run someone that wasn't part of the failed Obama regime...
  17. P@triot

    The ultimate progressive "logic"!

    So after Hitlery Clinton and the Dumbocrats hired Perkins Coie to work with foreigner Christoper Steele and the Russians for "dirt" on Donald Trump during his campaign, they are now crying that Rudy Guiliani has threatened to do something similar. But the hypocrisy there isn't even the worst...
  18. P@triot

    This is how Democrats see the African American community

    Time and time and time again, we see the racism of the left rear its ugly head. Joe Biden considers African American communities to be "the hood". Biden brags about going to the 'hood' to teach 'women of color' how to code
  19. P@triot

    Everything wrong with the Democrats in one neat little package

    The left will sell their souls for an ounce of power. Ms. Symone here checks all of the left-wing lunatics boxes: Racist - check! Lack of character - check! Immediately abandons views for opportunity (power, money) - check! She suddenly has no problem with white people leading the party...
  20. P@triot

    “Some people just know how to win”

    When Donald Trump entered the business arena, he dominated. When Donald Trump entered the entertainment arena, he dominated. And when Donald Trump entered the political arena, he dominated. Despite never serving a single day in even the lowest public office of a rural town, he was elected...
  21. P@triot

    Uh...too late

    The left became extremely radicalized over the past 20 years. That’s why Republicans hold the White House, the House, the Senate, and 33 of the 50 states. Ole Dick Durbin here is a day late and a dollar short in his “warning”. Reasonable, rational people do not tolerate 55 year old...
  22. American_Jihad

    Hillary Clinton's Reelect Trump Campaign

    If the old crow runs again that's what it will be, another TRUMP landslide... HILLARY CLINTON WON'T STOP HURTING THE DEMOCRATS August 28, 2017 Daniel Greenfield Hillary Clinton's book tour across America is the cash and attention grab that no one in her own party wants. It might as well...
  23. AsianTrumpSupporter

    California may have just boosted Trump's chances of winning in 2020

    Op-Ed: California may have just boosted Trump's chances of winning in 2020 The anti-Trump resistance is real. And if you're a taxpayer in California, it's really costing you. Donald Trump [/a]'s crackdown on illegal immigration beyond defending sanctuary city policies. The Democrat-dominated...
  24. P@triot

    Elizabeth Warren publicly acknowledges she is not fit for public office

    While delivering a commencement speech this past Friday, Warren made it very clear to the American people that she is not fit for public office. She's publicly acknowledging her inability to control herself and her emotions (much like Hitlery Clinton). Can you imagine someone like that sitting...
  25. American_Jihad

    Here We Go 2020 Line Up

    There's a sh*t load already, will start we my first two fav's... Of course Mr. Trump and... Will Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson actually run for president? ‘It’s a real possibility.’ By Marissa Payne May 10 at 4:01 PM It started off as a joke, then it became more serious. Now Dwayne “the Rock”...
  26. HenryWallace

    Hypothetical: Dimon for President

    Let's say the Dems get Jamie Dimon as the standard bearer taking on Trump/Pence in 2020. How does this campaign go down? All of the "successful businessman" stuff would be switched to Dimon. Quite literally no one has had a more successful business career than Jamie Dimon. He is a banker, but...
  27. P@triot

    Careful what you wish for President Trump

    President Trump - your comments here are a bit reckless. For starters, you have a long way to go until 2020 and the overwhelming support you received in 2016 will fall away if you fail to deliver on your promises. Barack Obama left you with an unholy mess, so you've got a ton of work to do...
  28. P@triot

    Donald Trump 2020

    If Donald Trump reneges on his promises regarding immigration, do Trump supporters abandon him in 2020? His next election is going to be much more difficult since the Democrats won't be running the most unelectable candidate ever once again and it seemed like the immigration issue was a huge...

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