Why we give “strike” call to weak own country economy

Discussion in 'Economy' started by sharif, May 26, 2011.

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    Why we give “strike” call to weak own country economy

    I want to spread my message to all peoples of Pakistan for what reasons you give strike calls? You think giving strike calls and claim that you are doing right thing and remain sincere, loyal with Pakistan which reflects your double standard.

    Currently our country passing through its worst period. Due to inflation rates, power traffic high, lack to maintain law and order situation, un-employment in these major circumstances those companies or factories workings always thinking how to reduce staff in the name of “cost reducing”. Those who are educated and talented search for an odd type jobs the main reasons in Pakistan those have talents and ability have no value or respect.

    When a strike call given than why you people forcibly and spread fear when you open the business centre or offices or shops than face a unique way treatment that time our Police Party totally dis-appears to give protection and safe guard the interest of business community people.

    I still do not understand why you people burns property and transporters vehicles what personal gain or benefit you get by burning other Muslim brother property. If you flow Islamic teaching and being common Muslims than from your hand and tongue other Muslims should be saved. This is very basis definition describe in our religion to consider who is Muslims and those people who are working against this consider as social evil and not only enemies of entire Pakistan but human beings too.

    If you give any strike call for against USA or WEST as protest when they delibetary did anything to harm us or play with our feelings than simply boycott their products which is the best way to punish and get revenge. They will understand what our power and in future never think to repeat such type of ugly or foolish mistake in future.

    Show you people courage by unity but when you any party give strike calls than usually observe asked business community to close their works. Any one tells those who give strike calls how they people run their kitchen expenses ever think for those who are daily wages earner s and always think to get some work and earn for their family members otherwise remain hungry or ask short term loan to keep alive himself and family too

    If we are all united than no power can separate us if we are not united but all remain separated than anyone can hit or further divide us? What you thing as being Pakistani where is your future and safe guard to become un-united or United.

    Our education system badly affected due to this strike calls they force to close the institution due to fear or threat of any mishap. I think education is Light but ignorance is total darkness.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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