Why Are Democrats Down in Pennsylvania?

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    Why Are Democrats Down in Pennsylvania? - Newsweek

    From Newsweek

    If there's one state that is supposed to represent Democratic ascendancy in recent years, it is Pennsylvania. As one of the Big Three swing states that have determined recent close presidential elections, it was more Democratic than Ohio or Florida, having swung for Al Gore and John Kerry and favored Barack Obama by 10 points. In 2006 Pennsylvania's polarizing, socially conservative senator, Rick Santorum, was tossed out of office by a wide margin. In 2008 Democratic registration in Pennsylvania shot up thanks to excitement over the hotly contested presidential primary between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, leaving Pennsylvania with 1 million more registered Democrats than Republicans.

    But even in a state with such a strong trend toward blue, the unpopularity of President Obama's agenda is hurting Democrats' midterm election prospects. "Pennsylvanians are disillusioned with Obama," says Beverly Cigler, a political scientist at Pennsylvania State University. "Cap-and-trade scared them,B/c we mine coal and they are convinced that health care is not a good ideaMaybe b/c they like the Constitution. and that the stimulus didn’t work."duh.

    "Sestak has been tied to Obama from day one," says Cigler. "Obama was his role model and he supported Obama’s agenda." Rep. Patrick Murphy is another Democrat who looks highly vulnerable, thanks in part to his association with Obama. Obama, the kiss of death.

    What makes the Democrats' predicament in Pennsylvania especially interesting is the possibility that they will actually hold a Senate seat in neighboring West Virginia. Pennsylvania, in Democratic consultant James Carville's formulation, is "Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between." The in-between part—sometimes called "Pennsyltucky"—is a lot like West Virginia: white, rural, blue-collar, and poor.
    Since we know dems think southeners are a bunch of dumb hicks. Calling us a bunch of dumb hicks is supposed to win you support how?

    “The perception of voters in the state is it hasn’t worked,” says Madonna. “Pennsylvanians are not inherently opposed to more stimulus spending. We asked in polls and they’re not averse, but it hasn’t produced what they see as recovery from the recession.”
    Guessn we aint as dumb as they thunk.

    We dig coal. libs say coal is evil.
    so we come up with clean caol. Libs say clean coal is evil.
    so we find natural gas. Libs say natural gas is evil.
    so we say, fuck the dumbass liberals, if we can't use anything the state will go under. And we don't give a damn what libs say to that.

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