Where should Gypsies be placed on the American Race Census?

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    They range from pale to dark brown. Lets discuss the dark browns like my family first. They are a mix of middle eastern, southasian and european. They look distinct, brown with distinct features etc. I could mistake one or the other indian for gypsie but when i see a group of gypsies and a group of indians, i immediately know the difference, gypsies cant be anything else they are distinctly gypsy but i doubt the american race census would invent a own category for gypsies, they are also not middle eastern. so where would you place gypsies, individually you could say mixed race, but gypsies are a ethnic group and they are mixed but as ethnic group, and many ethnic groups are mixed, so you have to place this ethnic group somewhere. right now i heard they are not counted by the race census. in the race census middle eastern and european and northafrican is white, but indians and pakistans are asians.

    a picture of my family and a dna result from a "pure" gypsy from bosnia restoran2.jpg IMG_1029.JPG IMG_1045.JPG IMG_1046.JPG kodkuce.jpg kej5.jpg MirsadPicturebigpicture.jpg MirsadResults.jpg

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