What To Do At The 9/11 Memorial?

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    "The spokesperson for the 9/11 Memorial site confirms that the field trip group from JHS 292 in East New York was thrown out for throwing garbage in the northern pool."
    Brooklyn students accused of throwing trash in 9/11 memorial pool | 7online.com

    "Little Brats Kicked Out Of 9/11 Memorial For Throwing Trash Into Reflecting Pools"

    1. "As one anonymous kid told the News, it was just a joke and it wasn't a big deal and why are people making such a big deal out of it we were just bored and it was kinda stupid but what else were we supposed to do without our Nintendo 3DS'? “No one was disrespecting. It wasn’t nothing like that,” said one student. “No one was being serious. Everyone was kind of bored and it was just something to do.”

    2. According to the News, students from Junior High School 292 in East New York who were on a trip to the site were kicked out of the memorial for throwing baseballs and trash into the reflecting pool. “They kicked us out because of littering in the water. Kids were throwing baseballs in the pond thing,” said 14-year-old Anthony Price, who added he wasn’t one of the troublemakers.

    3. “They were making jokes and throwing stuff in the fountain. It didn’t seem like a big deal,” said another student, who wished to remain anonymous. In addition to the baseballs, witnesses reported seeing empty plastic soda bottles and other garbage in the water.

    4. They need to be taught to be respectful.

    5. This wasn't even the only incident to occur during the middle schoolers trip: kids said one of their classmates was busted for trying to bring live ammunition inside. “The kid had three bullets when they went through the metal detector,” said a JHS 292 student who wouldn’t give his name out of fear of retaliation.

    6. “It’s terrible,” said 14-year-old Walter Douglas, who wasn't part of that class, but heard about the incident from a friend. “You’re supposed to be there to remember the people.”
    Little Brats Kicked Out Of 9/11 Memorial For Throwing Trash Into Reflecting Pools: Gothamist

    East New York is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.
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    middle school kids misbehaving.

    stop the fucking presses

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