Wackenhut Denies Coup Plans

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    Just in case you are following the misadventures of that lovable bunch of rent-a-cops and our rent-a-president in their ongoing attempts to steal Venezuelan Oil..

    Florida Company Denies Its Employees Plotting to Overthrow Venezuelan
    The Associated Press

    CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - A U.S. company took out a newspaper
    advertisement in Venezuela on Saturday to deny accusations by ruling
    party lawmakers that the company was working with dissidents to
    overthrow President Hugo Chavez.

    Earlier this week, legislators allied with Chavez showed a videotape
    at a news conference at Congress, saying it showed CIA agents
    advising Venezuelans how to destabilize the country.

    Nicolas Maduro claimed the three men in the video were U.S. secret
    agents training dissident military officers and municipal police in
    espionage and "terrorist" tactics.

    In an advertisement placed in El Nacional newspaper Saturday, the
    Venezuelan unit of Florida-based Wackenhut Corp. said the video
    showed an ordinary company meeting. Accusations that one of the men
    in the video was a CIA agent and retired army colonel were "false and
    groundless," the company said.

    "The video was in reality filmed in the installations of Wackenhut
    Venezolana, C.A. in September 2002 during an ordinary meeting of
    company officials, relating to security services offered to a
    client," the ad said.

    On Thursday, U.S. Ambassador Charles Shapiro told ruling party
    lawmakers the accusations were untrue.

    Wackenhut, which has worked in Venezuela since 1994, is the largest
    security services company in the United States.

    A spokeswoman for the Palm Beach Gardens-based company did not return
    a phone call for comment Saturday.

    AP-ES-10-25-03 2200EDT

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