VISCOIL and Prospective Middle Eastern Unity

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    A post-9/11 survey conducted in Egypt revealed the following sobering sentiments from Egyptians pertaining to terrorism: 91% approved of the premeditated, cowardly attacks on American soil, 94% esteemed the perpetrators as martyrs, 93% responded that the incidents sparked a desire to become martyrs themselves, and 88% favored the unleashing of renewed aggression.
    The Middle Eastern definition of democracy sharply differs from the American variant, connoting “freedom from Western imperialism, not the freedom of the individual.” Vigorously opposing the West galvanizes the Middle East since its “rise and rebirth is associated with the creation of a unified state while Arab dispersion is associated with failure and dependence on the West.”
    The extremist organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood is far from the most radical organization in Egypt but was the first to adopt the modus operandi now so shamefully characteristic of modern fundamentalism, and which fuels its continuing concatenation of diabolical rascality: Publicly masquerade as peaceful while engaging in acts of the blackest hues as to make hell itself stand aghast, all the while labeling any criticism as “undeserved aggression.” Especially nefarious are its designs regarding North America: “the Ikhwan’s…work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within…”As Russian journalist Y. Latynina recently purported, “Fundamentalists are relying on Arab unity to precipitate the decline of American hegemony…”
    Yet, such unity is not merely geopolitical, nor is it limited to foreign lands. Bolstered by hysterical and misguided hatred, it has begun spreading to America’s shores and heartlands through mediums promoted by milquetoast representatives who ignore calls for defending national sovereignty, preferring instead the lemming-like drone of sociopolitical correctness (who really defines what fits into this category anyway?). Add in the shoving aside of America’s traditional – there I said it – Judeo-Christian values in order to more fully accommodate Islamic representative demands, as well as a burgeoning birth rate dwarfing that of non-Muslims, and the prospect of successful extremist unity transpiring under our own noses is tenable. But alas, those who do not subscribe to farcical fundamentalist notions, and this of course would include countless honorable, non-jihadist Muslims, are now expected to step deferentially to the back of the sociopolitical bus, and not to get uppity about it!
    Afghanistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and others are emblematic of how extensive the world’s geopolitical vicissitudes have been given the vast popularity of fundamentalist regimes in those countries. Bin Laden's vexing “holy war” machinations against America have unfortunately shifted into high gear, drastically differing from earlier Islamic fundamentalists in their declaration of jihad not only against their own governments but against all so-called ideological or religious “infidels.” Under a unified and totalitarian Middle East, “Tankers would have to bypass Cape Horn; the West would have to pursue alternative energy sources, and…if anything can wipe Israel off the face of the earth, it would be an alliance of fundamentalist nations.” However, while fundamentalists seek to unite their respective territories ideologically, their opponents could eliminate them scientifically. Illustratively, the emergence of Viscoil technology, which can raise distillate yields from both heavy and medium crude oil, can provide an enormous and additional energy source. If this were widely implemented, the Arab world would lose its predominant global customer and, if Viscoil were to become available to China and other emerging markets, no viable revenue stream would remain to fund deviant Islamic extremism and its outspoken hatred of the West’s Judeo-Christian-based ideological heritage.

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