US Officials: Libyan Operation Could Last Months

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    Uh, didn't Obama sat recently that it just be a matter of weeks?
    From Washington AP via My Way News (Sorry it's not CNN or Fox):
    My Way News - US officials: Libyan operation could last months
    Looks like Obama is getting his marching orders from both Hillary and the Secretary of Defense. They were on the Sunday morning shows planting the seeds in peoples minds. Hey, you couldn't possibly believe Obama thought all this shit up himself do ya'? Me neither.

    Look for Obama to say Monday night when he addresses the nation that "We will be welcomed as Liberators!". Also, who wants to bet that we'll be in Libya for at least 10 years? Any takers?

    See what happens when you vote for a guy based solely on his skin color? Any of you Obama fans started to wake the fuck up yet?
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