US Navy And General Atomics Test Fire Electromagnetic Weapon

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    Imagine a single warship that could put 100 percent of military targets in North Korea at risk with kinetic energy projectiles. Imagine such a ship with attack submarine escorts in command of the Persian Gulf or the Straits of Taiwan. This is the capability goal for the planned US Navy DDG1000 Zumwalt Class Destroyers with electromagnetic kinetic energy weapons mounted. A typical destroyer can fire about 230 five inch shells 20 miles. A DDG1000 with kinetic energy weapons will be able to fire 5000 projectiles up to 300 miles and strike within 15 meters. The projectiles will fly faster than any missile at more than Mach seven. A single destroyer could eliminate the Iranian surface navy while simultaneously attacking land targets. A definite game changer, to say the least. Below is a January 2008 photo of US Atomics and the Navy test firing the kinetic energy weapon in Virginia at one-third power. and


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