"Universal Checks" and Gun Registry

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ScreamingEagle, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Make no mistake about it.....the Lefties want you to register your gun just like you have to register your car....

    "universal" checks mean that anytime there is a private sale of your legal gun you need have the buyer checked out....so how is that supposed to happen if you want to sell or give one of your guns to cousin Joe....?

    'universal' checks are just another precursor to creating a 'DMV for guns'......or a 'DGC' (Department of Gun Control)..... in order to make the transfer just like you would transfer a car....all complete with taxes and fees and gun insurance of course...

    this way the State would have tabs on all guns....who, what, where, how many, etc.

    here's a Californian leftie proposing outright Gun Registry....


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