To all you Libs who keep saying the EU is in Great shape, Step inside.

Discussion in 'Economy' started by Tom Clancy, Feb 9, 2010.

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    For the past couple weeks i've seen people say That Socialism works well in the European Union..

    For Example:

    First, I'll be teaching you how the Socialism is working in my home country, Spain.

    Spanish Socialist Workers' Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    With that said, I'll be presenting the Facts on how Socialism is ruining my Country.

    Let's start with the most important Topic these days.. The Economy.


    In 1996 the Peoples Party, which is the Center-Right Party of Spain. (My Party) was in Power from '96 to '04.

    This shows that after the Socialist President, still had the Unemployment Levels low until a couple more years into office when his Practices and Choices affected the Country.

    Wondering what the People Party is? People's Party (Spain) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I'll give you a little Snip on how the Right did when they were in Power.

    Now that's a Man who knew what to do, he knew how to Fix our Economy, and make Spain one of the Top Countries in the European Union.

    Take a CLOSE look at what i Bolded and Underlined.


    In other words, this Proves that many folks on here who keep reading and hearing about how Socialism Works in the Europena Union don't have the Slightest Clue of what's going there.. Of course someone like me who was Born there and Raised for 13 Years knows what's going on..

    Thanks for everyone who took the time to read this, -Nick. (Tom Clancy) :cool:

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