In The Absence Of A Credit Market, There Is Aid(?)

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    Total Credit Market numbers in the United States are in excess of $50.0 tril. Banking institutions were frozen in the muck, but still the Mainland Chinese had set about (1) public works, and (2) the basis for a viable credit market. They were purchasing the planet's most valueable securities. They appear to have by-passed the European paper of Greece, Spain and Portugal.

    And then there are these people, in East Africa.

    The United States can clearly weather serious mistakes created by the Ivy League, and any supporters. The Chinese clearly have problems with the weather, the earthquakes, and the mistakes created by the Ivy League, and the supporters.

    East Africans may even be unable to attend even regional, athletic games. (No supporters(?)!)

    The People's Republic of China, by comparison, can even understand how asset values work! Prime Minister Brown, no Tory himself, is famously helping make the planet into one humanity: In public messages.

    What did Marxists miss when they failed at arithmetic and ascribed all of history to magical, dialectical, forces of history? What did Adam Smith miss when he failed at arithmetic, or even think what he was doing, when he came up with the concept of an "Invisible Hand," stroking the economies of all humanity?

    Money isn't metal, and property accumulation is reliant: On a valuation, requiring assets--which are available, or they are not.

    What is East Africa, even: Missing now. The Link says that they have U. N. aid workers in abundance. . . .maybe hunting orphans(?), even now!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Her Majesty's PM, at Davos 2009: Is Still very Socialist Instructive for the various, assembled former aborigines--and they Ivy League. We are noting that Ivy League of the Colonies, that failed to even attend! Aborigines, and the Ivy League, are not easily said among the planet's greatest needs at this time--including the Law Professors, and their cheating little critics(?)--drinking new substance, at their conventions!)
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