The Party of Obstructionism and Dissent

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    The left has been bemoaning the treatment of President Obama and the actions of the Republican Party before Obama was even elected. During the 2008 presidential election disgusting allegations were made against Palin, ranging from incest to infidelity, yet the left cried racism on all criticisms against Obama.

    After Obama was elected and sworn in as president the same people that once persistently proclaimed that dissent is patriotic, excusing their classless and relentless behavior under Bush, told America that the treatment President Obama received was unprecedented.

    For eight the left, including the majority of the Democrat Party, constantly: questioned the legitimacy of Bush’s presidency, held rallies all across America were Bush was compared to Hitler and much worse, ridiculed Bush’s college grades—information Obama refuses to release--, made allegations of Nazi connections in Bush’s past, questioned Bush’s military service—something Dan Rather was fired for where is the Obama equivalent?--, and countless other conspiracy theories.

    There isn’t anything unprecedented about the treatment Obama has received, put into perspective it is quite tame. Under Bush the entire Democrat Party, including Obama, voted against raising the debt ceiling, and not one Republican accused them of being terrorists. Not only did the left say these actions are terrorism, but the CBC called it racist.

    During Bush’s presidency the Democrats literally cheered for obstructionism. Now they say the Republican’s actions are unprecedented.

    Liberals are literally living in a dream world. They are so consumed with resentment and hate that they are blind to their hypocrisy, and think so little of the American people, as to believe that they will mindlessly believe their lies.

    [ame=]Democrats Applauding Their Own Obstructionism - YouTube[/ame]
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