*The Big Chill 0f 2011*

Discussion in 'Conspiracy Theories' started by chesswarsnow, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Sorry bout that,

    1. How long will Americans swallow down *Al Gore's* swill?
    2. I mean, its freaking deep freeze in America now!
    3. The temp here was 14 degrees this moring in Dallas.
    4. And *Al Gore* has come out recently claiming *global warming* is behind this *deep freeze* of a winter.
    5. How long can American's be so stupid to believe this conspiracy?
    6. The liberal medias pushing this crap, along side of the *prophet of warming*.
    7. Hey genius when it gets warm/hot, its not supposed to freeze you to death.
    8. I think Americas best days are behind us, there is just way to many *pawns* in America now.
    9. God help us all.
    10. Link:http://beaconnews.suntimes.com/3615687-417/drive-lake-wednesday-police-shore.html

    "In the end, the great Blizzard of 2011 didn’t set a record — but still dumped 20.2 inches on the city, shut down schools, closed businesses and even major shopping malls, knocked out power to hundreds of thousands and left hundreds stranded on Lake Shore Drive.

    The total snowfall made it the third worst snowstorm on record, behind only blizzards in 1967 — when 23 inches blanketed the city — and 1999 — when 21.6 inches fell.

    “We are experiencing a storm of historic proportions . . . the likes of which we really haven’t seen in 20 or 30 years,” said Ray Orozco, Mayor Daley’s chief of staff.

    “If you don’t have to go outside, stay indoors,” said Jose Santiago, executive director of the city’s 911 Center. “Walking in the streets is extremely dangerous. If you absolutely must drive, slow down.”

    11. If we slip into a mini ice age, where temps never go above 80 degrees in summer throughout America, *Al Gore* will be here saying, "Global warming* did it, and if winters were extended by two months on top of that, *Al Gore* would be saying, "Yup global Warming, did that too", and the liberal media will be right there backing up his shit.

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