Support Jimmy Carter's calls For Moderates on in the Democratic Party

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    Former President Jimmy Carter was recently quoted as saying that the Democratic Party has been hurt at the polls for its vehement pro-choice views on abortion.
    The issue hurts the Party with liberal Catholics and Latino voters who otherwise may vote Democratic. President Carter also, concluded that he "Could never believe that Jesus Christ would support abortion."
    The Democratic Platform currently contains language to allow taxpayer funding of abortion. National polls have consistently demonstrated that most Americans do not support the government paying for abortion. In fact, a February 2012 Quinnipiac University poll (national sample of 2,605 registered voters, margin of error
    ±1.9 percentage points) found that nearly thirty percent of Americans would not vote for a candidate with whom they disagreed on abortion but agreed on other issues. The Democratic Platform language should be inclusive and endorse the views of all Democrats.
    This will resurrect the Blue Dog Democrat in the South and Southwest enabling us to have a solid majority in the Congress. Remember, it was the Democratic Party that gave us Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and a living wage...

    Please support the Democrats For Life of America by signing the petition below


    Article on Abortion and Jimmy Carter's new beliefs.

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