Subtle Voter Intimidation? Democrats to stuff 20 bills in post-election session.

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    Democrats to stuff 20 bills into post-election lame-duck session -

    Now, this article is not a mistake. An arrogant, despotic thug, is always an arrogant, despotic thug, even when he is about to lose power. Let me translate this:

    They mean, "You better watch your Ps and Qs, you voters! You think you are going to get rid of us! You think Republicans will repeal our agenda??? HUH??? Well, after the election if we lose, we will just double down and pass so many bills you will HATE, Republicans will NEVER be able to repeal them!!!" :eusa_snooty:

    Then AT THE SAME TIME there is the fear politics. "We won't be able to repeal 'Don't ask don't tell' or give you that middle class tax cut we have been promising since 1992 (AND HAVE NEVER DELIVERED). Republicans will take away all your government goodies. You don't want that!" :eek:

    THEN ON TOP OF THAT, there is a hint of desperation. "Look at all the goodies we might be able to vote for you. PLEASE VOTE FOR US!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :smoke:

    So, it runs the gambit. Democrats are DESPERATE to keep their power. They know now, they ran off a cliff with Obama's healthcare. That Bill Clinton lied to them about why voters turned against Democrats in 92. Now they are going to have to pay the price.

    But like usual despotic thugs, they aren't going to go quietly. They are going to threaten, scare us, and beg all the way to election day.

    The media is going to help them every step of the way. Expect more articles like this, and expect them to get more shrill! :ack-1:

    November is getting closer liberals! :D

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